500OA Wiscombe Park Hill Climb

500 Owners Association Wiscombe Park Hillclimb 8th May 2021

The 500 OA is very proud of their long association with Wiscombe Park and have been running their annual Hillclimb at the picturesque Devon venue for over 30 years.

For 2021 we welcome not only members of the 500 OA, but also members from the following invited clubs:

ACOC, Allard OC, BARC (SW), The Buckler Register, FJHRA, HRCR, MG Car Club, Morgan 3W Club, Pre-War A7 Club, 750 Motor Club, Torbay MC, VSCC, Volvo OC, and the Woolbridge MC.

This is in addition to the NHCA and their motorcycles.


This year, in response to the Covid 19 regulations, we are utilising an online system for entries and signing on, which has been provided most generously by The Woolbridge MC, and our thanks go out to them for their support.


Online Entry Instructions

  • Click on "On Line Entry Form" and complete the online entry form
    • Use the drop-down box to select your club
    • Tick the box to confirm which, if any, Championship you are entering
    • Upload images, scanned or photos of both sides of your Competition licence and club membership card
    • When completed, click submit. If you have missed any required information, the system will notify you.
  • After your entry submission you will receive an automated email confirming that your entry is in the system as well as giving details on how to pay for your entry
  • You should then pay for your entry by Bank Transfer to the 500 Owners Association using the information provided
  • In the case of double drives, both drivers must complete an entry form.
  • The final instructions will be emailed about a week before the event and upon receipt you must follow the link to complete you online signing on, vehicle and Covid declarations









8 May 2021 Wiscombe Park 500 Owners Association Xavier Kingsland 01489 891482 xavierfkingsland@gmail.com


On Line Entry Form

Competitors Signing On

Marshalls & Officials Signing On


If you have any questions regarding this event, please contact the secretary of the meeting:

Contact: Xavier Kingsland

Phone: 01489 891482 OR 07500 333295

Email: xavierfkingsland@gmail.com