Anglesey Results 150707

Anglesey 14/15th July 2007

Seven 500’s made it to the brand new Anglesey circuit in North Wales for this double header weekend hosted by the BRSCC. There was supposed to be a number of Formula Juniors as well but initially just three entered but even they pulled out leaving the ‘Magnificent Seven’ and Peter Williams in his Brabham BT15. Saturday proved to be dry (very rare this year) sunny but pretty breezy as we set off for a 15 minute qualifying session. The new international circuit is simply magnificent with gradients, fast corners, slow corners, and a wide ‘grippy’ surface with loads of run off areas. There are also some stunning views across the bay as you drive round! As the facilities get better Anglesey is sure to become one of the favourite circuits in the UK. Unfortunately Richard Bishop-Miller found the engine in his car, which had finished Brands in good heart, now refused to even turn over, let alone run so he did not make our qualifying session. John Turner kindly lent him an engine so he got on with a replacement job whilst we had a go round the circuit.

Pos Name Car Best
1 Mike Fowler Cooper Mk XI 1:59.03
2 John Turner Cooper Mk IX 2:04.03
3 Gordon Russell Mackson 2:04.15
4 Roy Hunt Martin 2:04.68
5 Martin Sheppard Cooper Mk XII 2:06.80
6 Hakan Sandberg JBS 2:21.84

John, Gordon, Roy, Hakan and Martin




The times looked pretty close so good racing was in store. Richard had managed to get his car going and the organisers let him have some qualifying laps but he again ran into trouble, this time to do with the valves but at least he had now qualified.

Race 1 Classified Finishers

Pos Name Car Laps Time Best
1 Mike Fowler Cooper Mk XI 8 16:14 2:00.22
2 Roy Hunt Martin 8 16:21 2:00.81
3 Gordon Russell Mackson 8 16:22 2:00.42
4 John Turner Cooper Mk IX 8 16:25 2:01.70
5 Martin Sheppard Cooper Mk XII 8 16:42 2:02.62
6 Hakan Sandberg JBS 7 16:28 2:18.22

The BRSCC officials were very sympathetic to our starting procedures and we were away quickly for race one with Mike into the lead straight away. Peter soon passed him and we did not see him again. A good scrap between Roy, John and Gordon then developed with lap times coming down as we learnt the circuit. Martin was keeping a watching brief behind these three. As the race unfolded Mike established a gap of around 7 seconds, with Roy, John and Gordon glued together disputing second place.

Martin was safely installed in 5th place whilst Hakan was in 6th. After 15 minutes the flag came out with Peter the overall winner but Mike the first 500 F3 winner on the new circuit for which he got the garland, winner’s hat and a bottle of bubbly, Roy was second and Gordon third. All cars and drivers finished which is a notable achievement in 500 circles!  Mike Fowler set a best time of 2:00.220, a new lap record.

After some fettling and so on to prepare the cars for Sunday’s race we all got down to serious barbecuing and the odd alcoholic beverage to round off a grand day’s 500 F3 racing. As we didn’t have to get up early this went on quite late in spite of the gale force wind (and also in spite of having to worry where Ann Fowler’s Dad had got to!). We turned in to dreadful threats of huge storms from the weather forecasters.

Race 1 Podium

Martin was up with the larks and had already been fishing (successfully) for mackerel from the local beach by the time some bleary heads surfaced. Richard had a running car by now having swapped cylinder heads. The weather people seemed to have got it wrong because it was dry, sunny and the wind had dropped so all seven 500’s took to the track for race 2 for another 15 minutes of fun and games. Again Peter went off into the lead never to be headed leaving Mike and Roy disputing the 500 lead with Gordon and John vying for third place, with Martin keeping watch again. Hakan was having problems getting his engine to rev out but Richard was circulating steadily

Race 2 Classified Finishers

Pos Name Car Laps Time Best
1 Roy Hunt Martin 11 22:12 1:59.690
2 Gordon Russell Mackson 11 22:22 2:00.105
3 Martin Sheppard Cooper Mk XII 10 21:09 2:04.061
4 Hakan Sandberg JBS 9 21:46 2:18.516
5 Richard Bishop-Miller Cooper Mk II 8 21:42 2:34.159
John started to have clutch problems and the race was panning out with Mike a couple of seconds in front of Roy who was about the same in front of Gordon who was a few seconds in front to John with Martin similarly behind him. However drama started to unfold as the drivers were beginning to think that it was a long 15 minutes and indeed it was. The start line officials though we were a 20 minute race and Ann had to tell them we were supposed to do just 15 minutes. Poor old John’s clutch couldn’t take any more and Mike ran out of fuel not having planned for an extra 3 laps, thereby gifting victory to Roy Hunt with Gordon in second. Hakan finished well in spite of the engine problem and Richard had a well deserved finish in spite of all the problems. The fastest lap went to Mike Fowler, another new lap record of  1:59.459.

Mike Fowler with some nice flowers after race 1.....

The Podium for Race 2, we're a bit worried about Gordon to....


A great weekend at a circuit we definitely ought to go to again if possible and thanks to the BRSCC for looking after us so well, in spite of extra time in the second race! As result of his first and second places, Roy Hunt leapt into the lead of the Championship with Martin Sheppard up into second and Gordon Russell now up to third. Report by Gordon Russell and Richard Bishop-Miller.