Boness Results 120909

Bo'ness 12th & 13th September 2009

The weekend of the 12/13th September saw the 2nd Bo’ness Revival meeting just North West of Edinburgh. Changes from the first revival meeting in 2008 included extending the course by using some of the old Graingemouth to Bo’ness main road and adding hard surface roads to the paddock after last year's flooding.

Even with the new extension the hill is still quite short at 620 yards, but does include most of the original 1934 Hill bar the bits they have built a housing estate on.

The start is a slight down hill fairly long straight, next to a railway embankment along which steam trains ran all weekend. At the end of this straight it is into a very tight left hand hairpin, quite a few cars over shot and had to escape down the old main road dodging around the big round bales. From the hairpin the original course was rejoined crossing the old start line and into the very fast left hander whilst crossing the bridge of Crawyett corner followed by a steep straight climb through the trees and into Old Paddock bend a ninety degree right hand followed quickly by the courtyard a chicane surrounded on three sides by sandstone houses and buildings a final straight blast to the finish line crossing the old drive to Kinneil House.

For 2009 a class for 500’s had been added and saw three entries; Vernon Williamson’s Squander Bug, Douglas Turner with his JP and the Bishop-Miller’s Cooper Mk II. The organisers were very 500 friendly, positioning us in the pits right next to the start, running us at the end of the batch and only calling the cars down from the paddock, to the line when the previous car had left it.

Falkirk council, who own the Kinneil estate and the BHCR, have put a lot of effort into Bo’ness Revival meeting with the aim of making it Scotland’s premier historic motor sport event.

In the grounds of the house there were displays and trade stands (and beer tent) and on the hill a good range of vehicles which included both of Basil Davenport’s Spiders.

As for the results the Richard's Cooper set the fastest time, followed by the Squanderbug and then the JP (with clutch problems).


Pos Name Car

Run 1


Our thanks to the BHCR

Report by Richard Bishop-Miller

1 Richard Bishop-Miller Cooper Mk II 35.42  
2 Baron Reid of Straloch Squanderbug 37.96  
3 Douglas Turner JP 42.27