Crystal Palace Results 27513

Crystal Palace 27th May 2013

Crystal Palace is a revelation, a picturesque setting with loads of space in an urban environment complete with a distinct motor sport heritage.

It may have been an early start, but four of us joined this annual two-day event organised by Sevenoaks & District Motor Club. Only John Potts had been before so Charles Reynolds, Alan Hartfield and I did not really know what to expect, but the very friendly and helpful organisers soon allayed any concerns. Although the arrival car park is a couple of hundred yards from the main paddock, where trailers and support vehicles were not allowed to enter, transport was laid on for our tools, starters etc. to be taken to our allotted spot. It was then easy to roll the cars down hill and into position. The track is relatively flat and may not be very long at 740m but it is quite tricky, with bends that tighten, off camber elements and width changes. There is also a return road, which made for continual running, so much so all 100+ competitors had completed 2 practice runs before midday.

Privates on parade!

JP had competed the day before, as well as in previous years, so for three of us the first practice run was very much a sighter. All went well, and despite being quickest, Charles felt he was a little over geared so changed a sprocket. Alan was relieved a misfire from Wiscombe had been fixed.

Practice 2 saw the pace hot up with all improving. Charles still led the way, despite or maybe because he had lost his rear brakes – a link pin had come loose. Underlining how close things can be, the other three of us were all covered by 0.1sec!

The afternoon continued under a perfect blue sky with the competition runs. Times fell again, Charles still led followed by Alan, me and John. We were all covered by less than 0.5 second.

The second timed run was delayed a little when gusts of wind kept blowing leaves through the timing lights at the finish line, which is within the trees. The organisers soon sorted the problem. Our times were still very close. So we came to the third and final run of the day. Only three were to record times, as I made a mess of braking for the chicane, lost the engine and so failed.

This wonderful day drew to a close around 5.00. The organisation had been quietly efficient and very slick. Our merry little group of cars had been the centre of attention and much curiosity throughout the proceedings. What a glorious day, we all thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and I recommend it for next year!

Classified Results

Pos Name Car Run 1 Run 2 Run 3 Best

1 Charles Reynolds Cooper Mk IX-JAP   44.65 43.53 43.53
2 Alan Hartfield Cooper V-JAP 47.11 47.94   47.11
3 Mike Wood CBP-Iota-JAP 47.27 48.93 Fail 47.27
4 John Potts Cooper Mk IV-JAP 47.59 48.20   47.59

Words: Mike Wood. Photos: Ian Frost & Andy Wood

Just can't get used to seeing John in anything other than the Monaco!

           Charles Reynolds'  Cooper Mk IX