Curborough Results 020509

Curborough 2nd May 2009

A view from the cockpit by Andrew Turner

Well what perfect weather we have had for racing recently, although a chilly start the old JAP which wasn't too keen on starting with just my slightly unfit brother as pusher we did eventually get it to fire up. First practice saw me do a little grass cutting again on the deceptive corner taking me into the second lap of this tricky little course. After returning to the paddock and pulling out big clumps of grass from everywhere imaginable the car seemed OK and ready for practice two. This time I managed to stay on track and made it round giving a respectable time.

With all the Caterhams making up most of the field it seemed like an age before we got to go again, but i was quite content with polishing the cooper and chatting to lots of people who were very interested and amazed at the show this little car was doing, one person jinxing me by noticing that I had a spare engine in a box asked how long it would take to change.....

We were eventually called and I made my way down toward the start waiting for a car to move out my way there was a very nasty grinding and clunking noise from the engine as it died unexpectedly! oh... C**P! Quickly pushing it back to the paddock with help from David and what limited things we would allow dad to do we managed to do a super quick engine change in less than 25 minutes and after begging and pleading with the officials I managed to get back down to the start!

Still slightly flustered from the rush I set an even faster time than practice beating dads best time from last year! (Sorry dad your gonna have to buy another car!) i managed to stay on the track again for run two and put up another respectable time. As the only one in my class I got a trophy from the BARC and a comment of 'your hard work' from the officials! All in all a very enjoyable day.

Classified Finishers

Pos Name Car Run 1 Run 2 Our thanks to the BARC
1 Andrew Turner Cooper Mk IX -  JAP 69.58 69.71