Harewood Results 240814

Harewood 24th August 2014

New 500 class record at Harewood?

The 9th round of the Club’s Hill Climb Championship was at Harewood on a sunny August Bank Holiday Sunday. It was left to the Reynolds Team to waive the Association flag with Nick’s Mk IX Cooper establishing what the organisers considered a new class record for the hill, while Charles took 2nd in an amalgamated ‘Pre 1970s race and sports car’ class with the V-twin.

As first time visitors to Britain’s longest hill (1448 metres) there was much learning to do. Ever methodical, Nick progressively lowered his time to establish a new 500 record at 70.46 seconds using some 22 gear changes over the long twisty climb. Meanwhile the learning curve season with the Mk VII V-twin continued as Charles overcame fuel and oil problems to complete 2 clean runs.

The enthusiasm of spectators and competitors to again see 500’s in Yorkshire was in evidence throughout the day with plenty of questions and visual inspection of the cars. The course is quite spectacular, the organisers most helpful and the meeting very well run: There were 160 entrants and, as finish line is adjacent to the paddock entrance, 4 cars are usually on the hill at the same time and 3 timed runs are the norm. If included in the 2015 calendar, hopefully more members will be encouraged to enter.


Pos Name Car Run 1 Run 2 Best Words Charles Reynolds
1 Nick Reynolds Cooper Mk IX-JAP 72.30 70.46 70.46