Loton Results 170712

Loton Park 14th July 2012

During events this year all historic 500 drivers have been getting used to fast driving in the wet (the cars being historic not the drivers - although in some cases...).  This speed hill climb at Loton Park was no exception and many of our runs were in the rain or damp conditions. The hill is longer than most and is interesting to drive, having several sharp bends and 'S' bends with short straights (which are far from straight); the last right hand bend, appropriately named "Museum", requires a very late apex if one is not to become 'an exhibit'!

So it was a great shame that only four 500 Owners Association drivers entered with their cars, but of course we did enjoy ourselves. My normally very reliable car failed scrutineering for too much movement in the rear right hand wheel bearings. On starting to dismantle to investigate I had a pleasant surprise; Richard De La Roche was next to me in our paddock area with his immaculate Smith Buckler Mk 2 and he asked if I needed some help. I am far from being an expert mechanic and his help was very gratefully accepted. Being an excellent and professional motor engineer Richard soon diagnosed the problem and rectified it, even though it was far from easy and involved lots of hand filing with limited tools. We called the scrutineers to examine the work and they passed it. Thank you very much Richard; your work was very much appreciated.

The four of us completed our practice runs without any problems, but our second runs were very wet. The first competitive runs were all completed safely but then the rain set in and Mike Lawrence and I decided that we would retire from the last run.

Our hill climb and sprint Secretary spent the day with us and it was good to talk with him. The results follow but I wish to thank Steve (sorry I have forgotten your surname) who came to help and ensured that I got started on time for all of my runs - thanks Steve.

Pos Name Car Run 1 Run 2 Best Report by Alan Hartfield.
1 Steve Lawrence Cooper Mk VIII-JAP 70.47 83.27 70.57
2 Richard De La Roche Smith-Buckler-JAP 71.50 78.93 71.50
3 Alan Hartfield Cooper Mk V-JAP 78.49   78.49
4 Mike Lawrence Cooper Mk X-JAP 83.15   83.15