Mallory 750 Trophy Results 121008

Mallory Park 12th October 2008

The 750 Motor Club meeting at Mallory Park brought a good entry, for this late date in the season, of fifteen 500s with a similar number of 750 Trophy cars plus numerous pushers, friends and guests. They were rewarded with a day of warm sunshine, almost unheard of at this time of year and a lovely relaxed atmosphere. It was nice to see Roy Wright in his Dastle, for the first time this season and Simon Frost returned in Mark Palmer's Cooper, which seems to be on an almost permanent loan. Darrell Woods brought along his "new" Cooper JAP, having sold the Creamer Kieft, just as he'd proved how competitive it could be. It would be great to see this car back with us for next year.


Everyone enjoyed the unusual situation of a warm dry track and quickly got down to some respectable times. There were some grumbles about traffic, inevitable when there are thirty cars on this short circuit, but it did look as though one group had forgotten that this wasn't the race and ensured plenty of entertainment for the spectators. Simon duly took class pole followed by Nigel Ashman, both in Cooper Mk XIs. Third was Mike Fowler with a most respectable 1:00.75 for a Mk V followed by John Turner, who had been slowed by magneto problems. Next up were the Mk VIIIs of James Holland, Nigel Challis and Darrell Woods.

Right: Andy and John Turner fettle. They spent a good part of the day like this.

Yes, that is ice cream in October.

Post session woes were relatively minor, Hakan's Triumph twin appeared to be a single, but Roy's Martin whose magneto refused to behave forcing him to scratch. The most lunchtime entertainment was in the Turner area of the paddock. With plenty of time between qualifying and the race, John and Andy changed their JAP in relaxed and methodical way only to discover, after a few laps of the paddock, that the spare had a crack in the barrel and ever decreasing compression. There was no alternative but another engine and magneto swap in a far less relaxed manner! The car was finally declared fit just as we were called to assembly.

For everyone else, a delightful paddock lunch helped fill the time before the race. Our thanks go to all of those who helped prepare and clear up.

Martin Sheppard. Photo Daniel Presley.


Some hooliganism in the previous race meant a long wait in Assembly but eventually all came to the grid. At the lights, all made it away except for the  JBS which still wasn't right and Hakan parked it after a few hundred yards. Simon Frost got away well and, at the end of the lap, had a healthy lead over Nigel Ashman who found himself in a gaggle of Trophy cars. Having disposed of these, Nigel got his head down and began to reel in Simon, setting the fastest lap on lap three. This battle continued for the rest of the race with Simon continually under pressure. As they progressed and began to lap slower cars, things got even more exciting as each was forced off line to make their overtaking manoeuvres.

Simon and Nigel exit the hairpin line astern, as they did for most of the race.

Shaw's Hairpin was particularly entertaining for the spectators as there were a number of spinners, all of whom contrived to park right on the apex! Frustratingly for Nigel, he was never able to make a successful pass so it was Simon who took the win by two tenths of a second. The second battle was between Mike Fowler and John Turner. Mike got away well and was close behind Nigel for the first lap but John's start wasn't quite so good and he was forced to put two wheels on the grass to take his first Trophy car. Over the next few laps, the later Cooper steadily reeled in its older sibling, John passing Mike on lap nine and establishing a healthy lead only to spin at Shaw's on the last lap. The nose of the Cooper was left facing the apex wall with John unable to move it. Inevitably this handed third back to Mike and John came in a slightly embarrassed fourth.  Next up came the Mk VIIIs of Nigel Challis and James Holland, Nigel having made the better start to take James and hold the place to finish ahead. Seventh and eighth were Darrell, still learning how to get the best from his Cooper and Malcolm Bell with Martin Sheppard in ninth. Another slightly embarrassed driver was JB who spun the Cousy at Shaw's and found himself facing the stampede. Eventually with the help of the marshals, he made his way to the outside of the corner to spectate. And so ended our last race of the 2008 season, one that has seen bumper grids and a great spirit throughout. Nigel Ashman's five wins gives him the overall circuit racing championship with a thoroughly well deserved second for Mike Fowler, John Turner takes third and fastest JAP engined car.  Here's to 2009!

Richard Bishop-Miller looks deep into JB's eyes at Shaw's. Behind, John Turner lines up Mike Fowler.

Classified Finishers

Pos Name Car Time Laps Best

Fastest Lap: Nigel Ashman - Cooper Mk XI 59.52

Darrell Woods aged nine and three quarters.

1 Simon Frost Cooper Mk XI 15:16 15 59.88
2 Nigel Ashman Cooper Mk XI 15:16 15 59.52
3 Mike Fowler Cooper Mk V 15:42 15 1:00.97
4 John Turner Cooper Mk IX 16:12 15 1:00.21
5 Nigel Challis Cooper Mk VIII 15:16 14 1:02.38
6 James Holland Cooper Mk VIII 15:19 14 1:03.80
7 Darrell Woods Cooper Mk VIII 15:32 14 1:03.99
8 Malcolm Bell Cooper Mk X 15:46 14 1:04.86
9 Martin Sheppard Cooper Mk XII 15:49 14 1:04.84
10 Roy Wright Dastle 14:52 13 1:05.99
11 Richard Bishop-Miller Cooper Mk II 15:30 13 1:07.92

DNF: Shirley Monro - Cooper Mk IV, Mike Gilbert - Cooper Mk IX, John Jones - Cousy, Hakan Sandberg - JBS   DNS Roy Hunt - Martin

Final Championship Standings

Our thanks to the 750 Motor Club.

Report by Neil Hodges. Photos Daniel Presley David Bishop-Miller & Neil Hodges.



Shirley in action. Photo David Bishop-Miller.

Compare the Mk IV of Richard Bishop-Miller with the Mk V of Mike Fowler.

Darrell's new Cooper.

More fun at the hairpin, Shirley, Simon, Nigel and Martin.