The Arengo was only the fifth marque to enter production, built in 1949 by Lt Col Guy Arengo, in Bristol. At the time, some mystery surrounded the cars, including claims of extremely low weight.

The prototype initially used a modified JAP engine with a 3 valve head and twin SU carburettors, alleged to produce 52 bhp, laid flat in the chassis though later a Norton was fitted. Also unusual was the suspension arrangement with quarter elliptical springs, transversely mounted at the front and a combination of wishbones and a swing axle at the rear.


Jim Bosisto (of "Buzzie") in the cockpit of the Arengo.

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Photo courtesy John Arengo-Jones

The prototype made its debut at Brough in October '49 in the hands of Jim Bosisto. Over the winter, drivers were announced as Bosisto, Terry Langford and Vivian Jones and there were rumours of Rolls Royce tender vehicles for the team!

Jim also made third place in its first appearance of 1950 at Lydstep in April and Joe Fry took an easy win at Lulsgate, although most of the serious competitors were at the inaugural Brands Hatch meeting. They appeared again at Goodwood where non of the cars qualified for the final and and ran at "Royal Silverstone" in the hands of Fry (14th) and Bosisto (18th). They were entered at Blandford in May but failed to appear. After that, the cars disappeared, although Guy Arengo himself appeared several times in late 1953. We believe that 4 cars were built in total but their whereabouts are unknown.


If you can identify the location and date, please get in touch. Photo Courtesy John Arengo-Jones.

As reported in Iota:

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Mrs Arengo supervises, photo courtesy John Arengo-Jones