John Forbes-Clarke built his ASA during 1948 but appears only twice; a DNF at Silverstone on 2nd October 1948 in the Grand Prix meeting and a 7th at Dunholme Lodge on 9th October. The car appears to be a classic early 500 with two Fiat chassis back to back and either Rudge or Triumph power. John returns in a Marwyn for 1949 and the car reappears as the AR Special or Rippon Special in the hands of Alan Rippon for '49, apparently in much modified form.

Alan doesn't have much joy either; Silverstone 9th July 1949, DNF in non production race and Silverstone 3rd September 1949, DNF are all we have so he's in a Cooper by 1950.

If anyone has any more details or photos of this car, please get in touch.