Brian J Rowsell built the BJR 500 which featured wishbone and coil suspension at the front and a swing axle at the rear, a relatively sophisticated tubular chassis and is powered by a JAP engine. Brian competed regularly in it from 1956 through to 1960.

Brian at Brands Hatch in July 1959 where he would take eighth in his heat. Photo courtesy Mark Cox

Known results include:

Crystal Palace 21st May 1956 Redex Trophy, 14th in heat

Brands Hatch 14th October 1956, 9th in heat


Brands Hatch 7th April 1958, 5th in junior race

Crystal Palace 5th July 1958 Redex Trophy, 18th

Brands Hatch 30th August 1958 Lewis Evans Trophy, 5th in heat


Brands Hatch 28th March 1959 World Sports Trophy, 4th in heat

Brands Hatch 12th July 1959, 8th in heat


Brands Hatch 16th October 1960 Lewis-Evans Trophy, DNF

It was then raced by J.K. Harvey (Brands Hatch 27th August 1961, 11th) and passed to John Bailey towards the end of 1962 who ran it in on the hills and in sprints until 1965. It is now in the hands of Paul Harris.

J.K. Harvey exits Druids Hairpin at Brands Hatch in 1961.

BJR at Brands 1961, J.K.Harvey.jpg (157338 bytes)

John Bailey in 1963

The BJR 500, in the hands of Paul Harris at Loton Park:

BJR and Paul Harris at Loton Park.jpg (111989 bytes)

With most of the body removed to show the chassis arrangement.

BJR after preparation 2.jpg (127273 bytes)

and fully clothed.

BJR after preparation.jpg (114912 bytes)

Our thanks to John Bailey and Paul Harris.