Tom Clarke was one of the first to acquire an Iota chassis to build CBP I which he fitted with a JAP engine.

Brands Hatch 8th April 1951, 3rd in April handicap

Silverstone 5th May 1951 Daily Express International Trophy, 15th

Prescott 19th May 1951, 6th

Shelsley Walsh 22nd September 1951, 9th

He did get a mention in Iota for his budget approach to transport.

In late 1951 he constructed a second car, CBP II around a much modified Iota P1 chassis, using swing axle and rubber band suspension at the rear and a forward driving position, in the style of Martin and Kieft, and Morgan front suspension. Again, JAP engine was used. Bearing this in mind, he achieved some quite respectable results, especially when a non production car or JAP only race was included in the programme.

Prescott, July 1952

Silverstone, May 1954.

Some results for CBP II

Silverstone 14th June 1952, 1st in heat

Silverstone 28th June 1952, 3rd in heat, 3rd in final

Prescott Hill 27th July 1952, 1st in non production class, 3rd in junior challenge

Thruxton 4th August 1952, 2nd in heat, 2nd in final


Ibsley 18th April 1953, 8th in heat, DNF in final

Castle Combe 25th April 1953, DNF

Silverstone 9th May 1953 International Trophy Meeting, DNF

Thruxton 25th May 1953, 2nd

Shelsley Walsh 6th June 1953, 2nd

Silverstone 18th July 1953 British Grand Prix, 10th

Silverstone 8th August 1953, DNF

Silverstone 22nd August 1953 Commander Yorke Trophy, 3rd in non production race

Castle Combe 3rd October 1953, 4th in heat


Castle Combe 3rd April 1954, DNF in heat

Goodwood 19th April 1954 Earl of March Trophy, DNF

Silverstone 15th May 1954 Daily Express Meeting, DNF

Mike Wood in CBP II at the Esses, Shelsley Walsh

If anyone has any more details or photos of these cars, please get in touch.