The C.R.M. (Colqustones Racing Motors) was built by G.D. Colquhoun and D.H Stone of Catford, South London, in 1951. It was constructed to the minimum allowed weight using a space frame chassis. The coil springs were incorporated into the telescopic dampers although this was supplemented by rubber bands. Double wishbones were used on all four wheels. It was originally intended to run Norton engines but a BSA Gold Star was substituted due to the non availability of the Norton unit. Sadly it never achieved a great deal, partly due to the engine but also because it was against the Kiefts of Moss and Parker and numerous Cooper Mk Vs.

Charlie Streets achieved some respectable results in the junior races at Brands during the later part of 1951 then Arthur Mallock had an occasional  go in 1952, suffering more than once at the hands of the scrutineers before the car moved on to Bill Jones for 1954 who fitted a JAP. During the 1960s, it passed to Tony Miles and Bob Pope.

This is how it was reviewed in Iota.

Some known results for Charlie Street:

Brands Hatch 8th April 1951, DNF in junior heat

Brands Hatch 12th May 1951 Daily Telegraph International Trophy, 4th in Open heat

Brands Hatch 24th June 1951Open Challenge, 4th in Open heat

Brands Hatch 9th September 1951, 2nd in Junior heat, 4th in final

Brands Hatch 23rd September 1951, 3rd in heat

Brands Hatch 21st October 1951, 3rd in Open heat, DNF in Junior heat

and Bill Jones:

Cadwell Park 10th October 1954, 4th in heat

Brands Hatch 11th April 1955, 4th in Consolation final

Cadwell Park 2nd October 1955, 3rd in JAP race

Some shots from the 1960s while in the hands of Tony Miles and Bob Pope. Firstly at Brands Hatch and two from Gurston Down. The interesting rear springing arrangement is clearly visible in the final picture. Photos courtesy Tony Miles.