Gordon Henderson was a brilliant car builder and raced home built specials etc and an ERA and finally a BT24 Brabham Repco and also built aeroplanes. His Cheetah Norton, which was inspired by the Kieft, featured front suspension which had a lower arm connected to a strut diagonally up to the bulkhead. It worked on the same principal as the McPherson strut. Some years later when Colin Chapman was asked to help out with the BRM he adapted something similar.

This is Gordon during the 1954 Coronation 100 at Roy Hesketh Circuit, Pietermaritzburg. He was 5th in his qualifying heat starting from scratch.

and during the 1954 Durban Centenary Motor Handicap at Durban's beachfront Snell Parade. The motor dropped a valve.

Ray Limbrick, East London Winter Junior Handicap, 1957.

Dennis Guscott leading the GSM Dart-Anglia of Bernard Podmore.

Still going strong in 1961, Easter Races at Roy Hesketh Circuit, Pietermaritzburg. Driver Denis Guscott, an ex motorcyclist who then raced a F1 Lotus 21 Climax in the mid 1964.

Photos and text courtesy of Rob Young.