Syd Creamer was a Jaguar dealer from Kensington in central London. He made or modified a total of five cars, featuring space frame chassis and a variety of suspension arrangements.

The first had twin trailing arms which were sprung from flat laminated springs secured in the centre of the frame. It was too heavy and the geometry was poor.

 The second car was more conventional with double wishbones on all for wheels and coil springs.

The third car, of which three examples were made, had a forward seating position, coil and double wishbone front suspension and de Dion rear, sprung by rubber bands.

Syd took the Yuletide Trophy at Brands Hatch in December '54

Syd also built the chassis of the Smith III, one or more chassis for Don Parker and a modified Kieft. Syd had some respectable results including second in his heat for the Easter 20 at Brands in April 1953 and fourth in the Junior Race in May. In 1954 he took a win in the JAP Race at Brands on Whit-Monday, fourth in his heat of the International Race in August and fifth in the Open Challenge Heat and second in the Junior Heat in October. At Brands in December Syd won the Yuletide Trophy.


Right: The Creamer-Kieft at Wiscombe in 2008.

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