Effyh Logo.jpg (13262 bytes)Folke and Yngve Håkansson worked as mechanics repairing forklift trucks in Malmö, Sweden. In early 1947 they completed their first car, which was built for the driver Åke Jönsson. They named it Effyh (after their initials FYH). The car was successful, and the brothers started serial production. JAP and Swedish SRM engines were used with Norton or Burman gear boxes and Fiat wheels. The chassis was space frame and light weight. Suspension consisted of twin upper and lower quarter elliptical transverse springs arranged in a V so as to act as wishbones, a simple but highly effective solution.

Unusually for that time, Effyhs featured roll hoops and side mounted "nerf" bars due to their use on ice and loose surface ovals, popular in Scandinavia. The Håkanssons also sold plans so a number of Effyh clones were built including the Bardahl Special, EE Special, Hult, Ivan, PP and RJ500 and Effyh inspired cars such as Swebe, KG Special and Silverbird. About 50 cars were built including clones.

Åke Jönsson tends his Effyh JAP circa 1950.

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Peter Kumlin's Effyh exits Madgwick, Goodwood September '08

Rear suspension showing double "wishbone" springs                                and the front used a similar arrangement.

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A nice new Effyh midget

Charles Kotchan was the first Effyh to reach the USA, in 1950, we believe as many as ten cars made it over

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On the "Wall of Death!"

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The distinctive grill, photo by Nick Bond

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The Effyh sales brochure

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