G.S.I. & 3

G.S. I & G.S. 3 (Squanderbug)

Gerald Spink's G.S.I, the Squanderbug, was one of the first cars built during 1946 and '47 and its first event was the Brighton Speed Trials in September 1947. The name derives from a war time poster campaign featuring an unpleasant insect, the Squanderbug, which wasted food and money.

Squanderbug had a Rudge "Ulster" engine with a semi radial, four valve, bronze head and Norton gearbox mounted at the rear of a deep member chassis. Sliding pillar front suspension and steering came from a Morgan F type. Rear suspension used a solid axle housed in spring ladder guides with modified Wolseley Hornet stub axles, copied from the 1939 Alta G.P. car. The body is all aluminium by Derrett of Surbiton.

The wartime Squanderbug

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Gerald Spink was an aviation engineer and the car was respected for it's build quality which was well above the average for the time but suffered from a lack of power, only 32 horsepower, at least 10 less than a JAP.

Squanderbug was sold to Dickie Stoop in 1948 and competed in the 1948 British Grand Prix meeting at Silverstone in the same year, finishing eighth. For many years, it disappeared until being restored by Murray Maclean in the early 80's and returned to competition.

Squanderbug reviewed in Iota:

Squanderbug reviewed following restoration.

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Gerald Spink later completed a second car, designated G.S.3. The 3 stands for Formula 3 and there was no G.S.2. This time a Norton engine was used. Seen here at the Brands Hatch inaugural meeting in May 1950 where Gerald took third in the race for amateur built cars. That appears to be its best result.








Gerald was also as handy artist as this cartoon from the December 1950 edition of Iota shows

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