Grose I & II

grose1.jpg (21660 bytes)Bill Grose's first car, which appeared in 1948, was sometimes referred to as looking like a Mercedes Benz, it was certainly one of the best made of the specials. Norton engines were used and Standard Eight components to give all independent suspension. Unusually, he replaced the Norton unit with a JAP

Bill Grose at Silverstone 1948. Photo Courtesy Adam Ferrington

Reviewed in Iota April 1951

Grose II

Bill fell ill and was unable to race for several years but he returned in 1953 with a significantly revised car. This featured swing axles, at the rear, supported by locating rods which projected out of each side of the car and carried the rubber bands for suspension. The bodywork was also rather different from the original car. A JAP engine was used which would have made the car uncompetitive by 1953.

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