The G.v.B, which stands for Geheimnis (secret) von Bobby, after its apparent maker Bobby Kohlrausch. It probably started life as the 1948 kleinstrennwagen  LTE Juwel of Ferdi Lehder and crossed the border at the end of 1949 when the international Formula 3 was announced.

Bobby seems to have raced the car though 1950, failing to finish at Sternberg on18th June 1950 and winning at Halle Saale Schleife on the 25th then into 1951, then taking a fourth in his heat Hockenheim on 14th May 1951.

Bobby planned to turn the car into a Formula 2 car but his death in 1953 ended the project.

The car's next recorded appearance is at Dessau on 15th May 1955, where Helmut Zimmer takes fourth, then a second at Bautzen on 7th July 1956 and seventh at Dessau on 23rd September though Helmut appears in an eigenbau at Dresden in September 1958 which could be the same car.

Bobby at the wheel

Helmut Zimmer aboard the GvB

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