Buzzie I & II

JB in Buzzie.jpeg (29245 bytes)Jim Bosisto was a member of the 500 Club's technical panel and was a pioneer of 500cc racing. Jim's first Buzzie, built in 1946, was based on a modified Morris 8 frame with Morgan sliding pillar front suspension. Rear suspension was independent using a converted BSA three-wheeler's front end. The engine was a Douglas Dirt Track horizontally opposed twin driving through a Norton gearbox. The car was typical of the early cars being constructed on a very small budget of about £35.

At the end of 1947, Buzzie was sold to Jimmy Ebdon who rebuilt it with new bodywork and a JAP engine and renamed her the Halldon. Jimmy used the car for two seasons, mainly in hill climbs, before moving on to his own Iota.

Jim in the cockpit of Buzzie at Shelsley.

Jim in Buzzie in the later part of 1947, photo by Guy Griffiths

At Shelsley Walsh in June 1947.

buzzie1.jpg (27701 bytes)

For sale in Iota, November 1947

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Jimmy Ebdon at the wheel

In late 1948, Jim constructed a second car, Buzzie II based on an Iota chassis (Jim becoming a partner in the company). It featured Morgan front and coil spring rear suspension and a JAP engine.

Buzzie II at the start, Lulsgate April 1949 with the Milli-Union and Russell cars (all Iota based) and John Gibbs in his MAC.

He sold this car to Wally Cuff who renamed it Hell's Hammers V and enjoyed some success on the hills. Jim also drove the Arengo car in 1950. After this he disappeared from the scene only to reappear much later, involved in Lord Brocket's Ferrari scandal.......