Built by Godfrey Messervy in 1952, the name Jason comes from the initials of the months July, August, September, October and November during which he designed and built the car. The Jason used a modified Triumph engine which had twin plugs and fuel injection, using a CAV (for whom Godfrey worked) diesel fuel pump driven from the magneto drive, a highly advanced concept for the time which apparently worked well. Also unusual was the rev counter which was mounted in the nose and set into a channel. The chassis was more conventional comprising a four tube chassis and suspension by double wishbones at the front and swing axle with rubber bands at the rear. The rubber proved difficult to set up and was supplemented by coil springs at an early stage. Messervy ran at the 1952 Goodwood meeting and also some sprints but it's career was cut short by Godfrey's business commitments, he went on to become chairman of Lucas and was knighted.

Goodwood, 2nd April 1956

The Jason in the hands of Roy Hunt, the groove in the nose, to allow the driver to see the rev counter, can just be seen.

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The car disappearing until discovered by Heiner Reinhart who fitted a JAP and got it going well in continental historic racing in the 80s. It was acquired by Roy Hunt  in 1989 and raced in British historic races until 1996 when it was passed on to Barry Baxter.

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