KN 500 I & II

Kenneth Neve built his first cars around G.N. chassis with Morgan front suspension and a G.N. rear axle, very much in keeping with the traditional special format. Two Douglas engines were fitted but war precluded further development.

His first 500 was built around an aluminium and ash monocoque with Morgan front suspension and a G.N. rear axle, sprung by elastic. A single Douglas Dirt Track engine was mounted at the front and drove through an Albion gearbox. Ken was very fond of the idea of low cost motorsport and built his car for a total cost of 111 pounds, 10 shillings. It wasn't especially successful but he clearly had some fun.

KN 500 II

Ken built a second more conventional car with a steel chassis, Morgan sliding pillars at the front and the G.N. axle at the rear with BSA steering and Austin wheels.. He fitted a modified Ariel engine at the very front, just behind the Morgan suspension, then, to avoid a super long chain, the final drive was divided in two by a pair of sprockets on a lay shaft which was in the correct geometric position for the suspension. The axle was located by the two radius arms with springing achieved by Feridax-McCandless motorcycle struts.

Ken Neve was the managing director of Turner and Newall and passionate about vintage cars. As a prominent member of the VSCC, he played a significant role by promoting  a number of early 500 races at major events.

If anyone has any more details or photos of Kenneth or his cars, please get in touch.