Krenkel Eigenbau

Willy Krenkel's Eigenbau which looks distinctly Cooper inspired. It may have had a Norton engine. Willy competed in the East German championship from 1956 through to its final year in 1959.

He achieved a number of good results including second at Bautzen in June '57 and fourth at Bernau in May '59.


Some results for Willi and his eigenbau:

Leipzig 6th May 1956, DNF

Bautzen 7th July 1956, 3rd


Bautzen 9th June 1957, 2nd


Dresden Hellerau 21st September1958, DNF


Bernau 10th May 1959, 4th

Dresden 5th July 1959, 7th

Bautzen 13th September 1959, 5th

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