Victor Labrum's special from 1951, seen here at Crystal Palace in July 1953.

We know very little about Vic's car which seems to have coil and wishbone front suspension and a swing axle at the rear. He used a JAP engine and may have significantly revised the chassis at some point. We do have some results:


Gamston 6th August 1951 DNF

Gamston 6th October 1951 1st in Non Production Race

Brands Hatch 7th April 1953 DNF in Easter 20 Final

Brands Hatch 24th May 1953 3rd in Consolation Race

Brands Hatch 14th June 1953 3rd in Junior Heat 2

Crystal Palace 11th July 1953 DNF in Elizabethan Trophy Heat 3

Silverstone 22nd August 1953 DNF in Non Production Race and DNF in Silverstone 100 race

Forming up the non production car grid at Silverstone, August 1951

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