Leprechaun I & II

The Leprechaun was built in Ireland in early 1951 by Nick Flynn and Redmond Gallagher. Redmond was a prominent Irish businessman involved in farming and Urney Chocolates and Nick, his chief engineer. 

The car very much followed Cooper lines with wishbones and transverse leaf springs and was Norton powered. Redmond took a second to Charlie Headland at Newtonards on 17th March and a second at Dundrod to Peter Collins in June then came to Brands Hatch on the 24th only for a drive shaft to break before the start. He faired no better for the British Grand Prix in July. Due to the limited 500 activity in Ireland Leprechaun was fitted with a JAP twin for some events.


Redmond (right) chats to Joe Potts at Charterhall

As reported in Iota, July 1951

Leprechaun at Silverstone  51.jpg (41090 bytes)




The Leprechaun at the Grand Prix meeting Silverstone in July 1951.

Redmund sets fastest time at the Stepaside hillclimb Co. Dublin, now in 1 litre trim. Courtesy John Porter.

Leprechaun II

Recognising that the original was a little heavy to be competitive, in early 1952, they built a second car along Kieft lines and possibly using some Kieft components, the Leprechaun II.




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Leprechaun II. Photo courtesy of John Porter