LTE Brillant

L.T.E. Brillant

Ferdi Lehder built his first kleinstrennwagen, the Juwel, in 1948. He followed this, in 1950, with the LTE Brillant. It featured a tubular chassis and mid mounted BMW flat twin engine which gave the car a rather wide and flat appearance. Suspension was by lower wishbone and top link. A full aerodynamic body, including fairings over the wishbones make it a handsome car, though probably a little heavy for its 30 or so horsepower.

Lehder raced with some success through 1950, winning at Solitude in August and finishing second again in the West German Championship, this time to the Cooper Mk IV of Toni Kreuzer but the intended production run never materialised and it seems that only two cars were ever constructed.

A great shot of LTE Brillant with Walter Möller at the wheel, possibly at Schotten in June 1950. Walter was a leading figure in the Deutscher Motorsportverband (DMV). This is probably a second car (note the different air vents on the nose) which Möller used in the 750cc kleinstrennwagen class. Our thanks to Bruce Campbell, Lothar Mildebrath and Marco Kieser.

An article from 1951, courtesy Alessandro Silva.

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