Mackay Special

Wally Mackay, from Reading, built his 500 between 1947 and 1949. It used a Triumph twin engine initially (acquired from Colin Strang) but this was later replaced by a JAP. The chassis was a ladder type frame  with suspension from a Fiat 500 and the gearbox was Triumph. The car was widely admired as a most professional build by an amateur. Sadly, after all this effort, he only appears to have competed in a limited number of events in the later part of the '49 season.

Body removed showing the chassis and Fiat suspension.

The original Triumph engine and gearbox

Mackay's 500 as reported in Iota.


Mackay 500 3.jpg (26372 bytes)

Known results: Silverstone 9th July 1949, DNF in race 2, DNF in non production race

Our thanks to Maggie Speak (nee Mackay) for the photos.