MH 1,2&3

MH 1,2 & 3

Manfred Herbster built a series of cars about which we know very little, though all were probably BMW powered. There are no details for MH 1 which was probably a 750cc kleinstrennwagen. Manfred's first recorded 500 appearance was at Schotten in June 1949 aboard MH2 where he finished a very respectable third. He may then have sold MH2 to Willi Zimmermann who takes second at Dieburg in July. Manfred is recorded as finishing fifth in the West German Championship for 1949.

Through 1950, Manfred appears regularly in MH3, with a fourth at Hockenheim in May, sixth at Donauringrennen in July, seventh at Freiburg and sixth at the Nürburgring in August. Through 1951 and '52 MH2 and MH3 appear regularly in the hands of Herbster and Zimmerman respectively, Manfred taking a rare win at Norisring in August 1952 and being credited with equal third in the West German Championship.

At Hockenheim in May 1953, Bruce Campbell appears in MH3 and Manfred in another MH. Neither finish and Bruce's car catches fire resulting in a lengthy hospital stay.

Bruce Campbell, probably in MH 2 at Hockenheim in May '53

Willi Zimmermann at the wheel possibly Dieburg , July 1949 where he took second

If you can tell us any more about Manfred Herbster and his cars, please get in touch. Our thanks to Bruce Campbell Junior and Lothar Mildebrath.