Monopoletta badge.jpg (3362 bytes)Helmut Polensky built one of the first post war cars for Formula 2, the Monopol. When 500cc racing became international in 1950 he built a new car to the Formula, the Monopoletta which featured fairings over the suspension wishbones and resembled the pre-war Auto Unions. Suspension was FIAT derived with Rudge type wheels and a BMW flat twin engine was specified with twin Amal carburettors driving a BMW gearbox. The driver sat well forward and the steering wheel was detachable due to the narrow cockpit. The tubular chassis had the panels directly applied to create a semi stressed body. Three cars were constructed, Helmut drove one himself, Bill Lucas and Walter Schlüter drove the other two. Walter Schlüter won the Grand Prix support race at the Nürburgring in August beating several Coopers in the process.

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Walter Schlüter on the grid at the Nürburgring in 1950.

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Helmut Polensky later drove for the works Porsche team, here he is shown, to the left of Paul Frere at Le Mans in 1954.

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The three had a very active first year:

Nürburgring 11th June 1950, Walter Schlüter DNF, William Lucas DNF, Helmut Polensky, DNF

Tubingen 17th June 1950, William Lucas DNF

Schottenring 25th June 1950, William Lucas 3rd, Walter Schlüter DNF

Leverkusen 2nd July 1950, William Lucas 1st

Freiburg 6th August 1950, Helmut Polensky 1st, Walter Schlüter 5th William Lucas 12th

Solitude 12th August 1950, Walter Schlüter 3rd Helmut Polensky DNF, William Lucas DNF

Nürburgring 20th August 1950 German Grand Prix, Walter Schlüter 1st, Helmut Polensky DNF, William Lucas DNF

But even before the end of the year, at least one car had moved on:

Grenzlandring 17th September 1950, Bernt Spiegel DNF

Feldbergrennen 1st October 1950, Huschke von Hanstein 2nd

So for the first West German Championship, Walter Schlüter took third and Helmut fifth.. After this, William Lucas retired and Helmut moved. One car passed to Karl Schermer.

Hockenheim 14th May 1951, Karl Schermer 5th in heat, 9th in final

Nürburgring 3rd June 1951, Karl Schermer, 11th

Kiel 17th June 1951, Karl Schermer. 4th

Nürburgring 29th July 1951 German Grand Prix, Walter Schlüter, 15th, Karl Schermer, 20th

Freiburg 5th August 1951, Karl Schermer, 22nd

Grenzlandring 9th September 1951, Karl Schermer, DNF

Essen 23rd September 1951, Hans Gerbrecht, 4th


Hockenheim 11th May 1952, Karl Schermer, DNF

Nürburgring 24th May 1952, Karl Schermer, DNF

Kiel 22nd June 1952, Karl Schermer, DNF

Essen 20th July 1952, Hans Gerbrecht, DNF



Photos from the Bremen Classic show by Lothar Mildebrath.