Adrian Butler (secretary of the original CAPA) and Bruce Mardon's Iota based car was the first to be completed. It used a Douglas flat twin engine, Morgan style front suspension and swing axle and leaf spring arrangement at the rear. The pair attended the "White Hart" meeting in May 1947, then June Shelsley, Gransden Lodge in July where they failed to start and Prescott in August where Butler took second fastest time to Brandon's Cooper. Shelsley in September brought a seventh for Mardon and they finished the year with a trip to Towcester in October. We have no photos of Stromboli wearing clothes so perhaps the pair realised that this engine/chassis combination would not be a match for the Coopers and retired her. Adrian continued to play a part as editor of Iota until the end of 1949

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If you know any more of the history of this car, or Adrian and Bruce, please let us know.

Bruce at Towcester in October 1947

A clear shot of a naked Iota chassis.