André Hanlet, a piano maker from Verviers, Belgium, built his 500 which was based on the Kahn car of his friend, Robert Kahn. Telna being an anagram of Hanlet. It was front engined with front wheel drive and used sliding pillar suspension at the front and transverse leaf and wishbones at the rear.

Initially it used a Sarolea engine but this was replaced with a JAP for 1952 and by mid summer, André was using a JBS Norton branded as "Ecurie Internationale" with friend Georges Buitendyk, who was CEO of Goodyear tyres. It seems the car changed colours from American blue & white to grey for Luxemburg and  red for Mauro Bianchi, an Italian based in Brussels....

André at l'epreuve Bois de la Cambre in 1952


Known results:

Avus 1st July 1951, DNF

Brussels, Belgium 11th May 1952, 8th in final

Amiens 15th June1952, 6th in heat, 8th in final




Our thanks to Alessandro da Silva and Alexandre Hanlet

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