Trevellick I, II & III

Rudolph (often called Reg) Trevellick was prominent member from Quinton, West Birmingham.

Reg's first car was built in 1949 and used Rudge and Douglas engines, before accepting the inevitable JAP for 1950. Little is known of this first car.

The 1951 car featured Standard 8 front suspension and a Douglas engine. Three cars were built in all which were sometimes entered as a team; Trevellick Racing Cars (Reg was joined by son Peter). A swing axle rear suspension was adopted and the engine placed behind the driver.

A third car was constructed in 1953, but details are sketchy so it is not clear whether the car with Cooper-like rear suspension is the Mk III or a revision of the Mk II. One of the cars may have ended up as the Fillingham

Trevellick II

On the start line at Shelsley Walsh.







And approaching the finish line.

Two lovely shots through the Esses. Our thanks to Tony Cotton for all of the pictures.

If anyone has any more details, please get in touch.

A possible sighting of the Trevellick III at Silverstone September 1955