Mike Renton and his brother Robin built the Triton as a copy Cooper using two Fiat 500 front axles and transverse springs in their backyard when they were young university students. It had a Norton engine and the chassis was made from tubular prop shafts from a truck of 3 inch diameter welded together. It had aluminium bodywork and he shared some ideas with Alec Wishart.

First time out in the 1951 Burman Drive hillclimb he sec a time of 70 seconds, only .4 slower than Arthur Mackenzie in his factory built Cooper and Mike was second on handicap in the racing car class. Mike sold the car to Dick Fuller of Johannesburg and it was renamed the COL Special. Mike later bought a proper Cooper from the secretary of the 500 Club, Ken Gregory.

Mike Renton at the wheel of the Triton in 1951.

‘Lucky’ Fregona in the Tiger Cub leads Mike Renton’s Triton in the 1951 or '52 Ladysmith races.

Our thanks to Rob Young for the words and photos.