Walla Eigenbau/Lampy Spezial

Walla Eigenbau/Lampy Spezial

Much of the history of this car remains a mystery. It is believed to be the first Austrian special, but was clearly influenced by the early German cars, such as the Scampolo and LTE. Given that, it is possible that this is the car that Josef Walla is supposed to have designed in 1947. Little is known for the car, but it seems to have a the accepted Topolino style of suspension front and rear.

It is first sighted in March 1954, making it the first Austrian eigenbau to be seen – at this time only the visiting Germans Kurt Ahrens (Coopers 500 and 1100), and Walter Weeke have been seen, and races are for mixed car types. At this first event, and perhaps significantly in bare metal, it is entered and driven by one Ludwig Napravnik.

A month later, and it is driven by Josef Walla, who had been a speedway rider before the War. Walla raced it throughout the year, and it gained a coat of paint along the way. Throughout, it is simply referred to as a JAP eigenbau

For 1955, however, Walla seems to have sold the car to Martin Lampy (or Lampi). Clearly the same car, it has reverted to bare metal. Fritz Rußmüller was due to drive the car at the Baden Road Races in May, however he swapped to a borrowed Cooper – three laps into practice he loses it and is killed. Later in the year, still called the Lampy Spezial, it is driven by Johann Radiosta. That is the last sighting. In 1957, Josef Walla returned to 500s, buying a Hell Spezial.

Josef Walla, in car, with suitably impressed supporters, the Wien-Krieau Trabrennrennplatz, 25th April 1954.

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