Rotherham 50s 1.jpg (49779 bytes)John Densham built his WHD special with help from Tony Griffiths, in 1952/53.

Constructed around a tubular ladder type frame, it originally has a Triumph twin but was later converted to JAP. It is front wheel drive using BSA parts with inboard brakes. but whereas the BSA system used quarter ecliptics top and bottom set transversely,  the WHD has wishbones as the bottom links plus ties from each hub to the frame. The rear axle is tubular, located by radius rods plus a Panhard rod.

After completion, the car was entered for Silverstone on the 8th August 1953 but crashed in practice and did not start. Allegedly Mrs Densham forbade any further racing and the car found its way to a breakers yard in Rotherham.

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It was discovered there in 1962 by Julian Sutton who managed to run it in some local sprints. For a while it was referred to simply as the Rotherham in the absence of history. In the mid eighties it was restored by Cyril Linstone who used to work for Paul Emery. The WHD is now owned by Chris Bird and competes in hills and sprints.

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At Goodwood in 1992










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