Willment 1.JPG (55839 bytes)John Willment is best remembered for his part in the JWA organisation which ran Ford's GT40 programme, along with his friend and partner, John Wyer. In fact, the Willment Team ran in a whole host of classes during the sixties including Ford Cortinas, Galaxies and various single seat cars, Stuart Lewis-Evans driving on occasions. You can find out more about these cars at: www.willmentcars.com

John began racing in the early 1950's with an Austin 7 and built a series of specials. One of these was a 500, an unusual car as it featured a front mounted, four cylinder engine with a carburettor for each cylinder and a fully enclosed body. In many respects it was quite a sophisticated car but wasn't especially successful, partly due to John moving on quickly to his next special.

The Willment hasn't competed for many years but has been acquired by Philippe Giron for restoration. If anyone has any information, please get in touch.


The front with bodywork removed. Photo courtesy Philippe Giron

And engine details. Photo courtesy Philippe Giron.