Alex Wishart from Durban, South Africa built his first 500 in the early 1950s. The chassis was derived from Cooper and JBS, using lower wishbones and upper transverse leaf springs at both ends. It featured a BSA engine which he removed from a wreck in Rhodesia, over 1,200 miles from his home town!

Photo courtesy of Rob Young

The Wishart Special reviewed for Iota by P.C. Harrington-Johnson in February 1952.

Speedway rider Dick Campbell at a Durban hill climb circa 1955. Photo courtesy Rob Young.

Wishart Mk II

Alex built a second car which was more Kieft inspired. It had wishbone front suspension with a coil over spring/damper arrangement and a swing axle at the rear and was powered by a Norton. This car has been restored and raced by Mark Palmer.


                           Cartoon reproduced with kind permission of Murray Leyden.



Freshly completed. Photo courtesy Mark Palmer

The Wishart Mk II at the Novelty Hillclimb. Photo courtesy Rob Young.

Mark Palmer holds off the Cooper of Mike Gilbert at Lydden in October 2009