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FOR SALE - JAP Engines
20 February 2024
I am dealing with my late father Paul Hewes' collection of spare engines and various 500 parts on behalf of my stepmother Jennifer Hewes

JAP engine and Marelli Magneto 4 stud. Large alloy barrel. JOS 70564 Engine turns and appears to have good compression. Shiny piston and alloy top collars. Nice magneto and race barrel. Sold as seen, but available for view in Suffolk or I should be able to get it to Castle Combe. I have more photos so let me know if you would like to see them. Offers (but minimum of £3,500)

JAP engine and SEM Magneto 4 stud. Alloy barrel. JOS 70499B Engine turns and appears to have good compression. Nice SEM Magneto, adjustable. Magneto condition not known. Sold as seen, but available for view in Suffolk or I should be able to get it to Castle Combe. I have more photos so let me know if you would like to see them. Offers (but minimum of £3,000)

2 x JAP barrels. £200 each Contact Simon Hewes if interested (07767352137)
FOR SALE - 1951 JBS Mk 1
20 February 2024
1951 JBS Mk 1.     VIF 126.     Chassis Number 51/8. Engine Number NN23640.   This is a unique opportunity to acquire what must arguably be the most original surviving example of an early 50’s 500cc car. JBS cars were built at Bedfont Lane in Feltham, Middlesex by the Father and son team of Charles and Alf Bottoms. The JBS 500’s were highly successful cars in the early 1950's and found great success in the hands of Don Parker, Peter Collins and Alf Bottoms himself. The cars were innovative and very lightweight thanks to their tubular design. Sadly, Alf was killed at the Luxembourg Grand Prix in 1952 and his father lost interest in the business which then faded from the scene. Chassis No. 8 was one of a number of cars that were destined to be shipped to America, however this did not happen, and the car was purchased by Kenneth McAlpine to race alongside his Ex Bira-Maserati. The car was fitted with a Norton engine and Dolls head gearbox from a 1948 30M machine, and optionally fitted with Dunlop magnesium wheels. It is thought that Kenneth only competed with the JBS a handful of times before parting company with the JBS along with the Maserati to concentrate his efforts and finances on the Connaught team, for which his role in motorsport would be best known. Both the JBS and Maserati passed through the hands of Nobby Spiro, who quickly sold the car to Leslie Wood. Once again Leslie sparingly used the car and advertised it for sale in 1953 in Autosport magazine, however the car would not sell and was parked in 1954 and has not raced since. The JBS would change hands again in the late 1970’s to the well-known Aston Martin and Lagonda specialist Ivan Forshaw. Ivan undertook some preservation work including making a new body for the car, but never ran the car or competed with it. Since 2021 this car has been subjected to an extensive and detailed preservation, taking the car back to a bare chassis and carefully assembling with attention to preserving all original details, including hardware and fittings. The car contains a wealth of original and often lost components down to the tanks, fuel fittings, oil lines, brake reservoir etc etc. Upon close inspection the condition of all components is consummate with having only raced a handful of times, showing no signs of wear, damage, or repair. During the restoration of the car the original body panels were entrusted to Duncan Ricketts before being re-united with the car and professionally sign written with a number the car sported in period. The Manx Norton engine and genuine Manx Dolls head gearbox received attention from expert Andy Savage, who commented that the internal condition would align to the little use the car received. The engine is an early round crank case engine, from a pre-featherbed 1949 Manx 30, which would be entirely correct for a 1951 machine. For car racing the car breaths through an original flange Mounted type 27 Track Carb. Both the engine and gearbox are stamped L Wood which and leaves little doubt that these are the original units to the car. The original Dunlop 1950's tyres are with the car as it is now fitted with Dunlop R5 tyres. Previous Owners:    1951/52. Kenneth McAlpine.    1952/52. Nobby Spiro. 1952/76. Leslie Wood. 1977/ 2021. Ivan Forshaw. 2021/Date. George Shackleton/ Lily Wilton. A large history file accompanies the car complete with 500 Vehicle Identity Form and 500 Registration Number. New parts include: • Chassis blasted and repainted. • Original bodywork renovated. • Seat renovated. • Engine recommissioned (New Piston, Valves and Springs.) • Gearbox stripped, cleaned and internals superfinished. • New Larry Swann sand bent exhaust and silencer then chromed at Silvabronz. • Carb serviced with new floats, float mounts, blocks etc. • New whole braking system with original master cylinders and wheel cylinders being stainless steel lined [By Past Parts]. New hoses and Bundy brake pipes. • New wheel bearings and rear carrier bearings. • New Regina chains. • Rebuilt fuel pumps (using NOS AC repair kits) and all new hoses. • All correct BA & Whitworth hardware used throughout. • Brand new bespoke Triton fitted car cover. • New complete spare set of ally bodywork built for Forshaw. • So effectively it has 2 bodies, the original now fitted and a new spare one. • Some other spares. This car is now presented in fully operational condition and is a very original ready to race car with complete history and receipts for the rebuild, it is eligible to race at any historic race meeting including the Goodwood Revival. 500 Owners Association Registration Number 439. 2023 Winner of the 500 Owners Association Peter Kendall Originality Trophy. The complete package is for sale at £40,000. Contact Robin Shackleton. 07831293975.
1953 Cooper Mk VII, JAP 1100cc V Twin - FOR SALE
31 December 2023
1953 Cooper Mk VII, JAP 1100cc V Twin

One of the very rare 'L' long chassis Coopers made specifically for the V Twin JAP 1100cc engine.
Completely original and retains all special and sought after components including the magnesium crankcase JAP V Twin Mk II 1100cc engine (only 23 made), dolls head Norton gearbox with Manx gears, dual BTH KD-1 magneto's and a pair of dual float type 27 Amal carburettors.
The car has appeared at the GoodWood Revival, Chateu Impney Hill Climb, Prescot and Shelsley Walsh.
It is highly eligible for the best events either as period F2 or as a very competitive hill climb car.
This chassis, 'L1/53' was ran by the Cooper works including Sir Stirling Moss in 1953, before being shipped to Racing driver Arthur MacKensie in South Africa.
The car remained in SA with MacKensie where he raced it with good results, race wins, fastest laps and podium finishes against a array of cars including ERS's, Cooper Bristols and even a D type Jaguar, until 1959.
Shortly after this the car was bought by noted US collector Jack Mayes.
The Car remained in the Mayes collection until 2006 when it was sold and eventually returned to the UK as part of a private collection of significant competition cars.
I purchased the car in 2015, upon which time it was restored whilst retaining all of the patina and originality.
It is on the button and in perfect running and race ready condition.
This is without doubt the most original MK VII L chassis Cooper.
Ready for the 2024 season of events.

Located in the Midlands, UK



Marcus Black


Tel: 07943851556

31 December 2023
COOPER MARK VII 1953 (#7353) Summerfield Manx Norton (1961 pattern)

500cc ex-Bernie Allen. UK 750 Formula Championship in previous owner’s hands.
Also competed Earl of March Trophy race at inaugural Goodwood Revival 1998.
Imported in 2000 (only Mark VII in Australia). Lightly climbed/sprinted since
(sub 30sec. Historic Rob Roy International Challenge; 1min Speed on Tweed).
Offered in v. good cond. w/extra set new Cooper-pattern cast wheels, other spares.


Original owner Les Stone of Basingstoke competed with the car in the UK and Europe. Acquired and restored 1996-8 by noted UK Norton specialist Bernie Allen.
Purchased by present owner, imported in 2000 (only Mk VII in Australia). Competed hill-climbs and sprints (Rob Roy Historic Hill-climb, Geelong Speed Trials, Eddington, Heathcote Sprints, Speed on Tweed Festival, Phillip Island & Sandown Historic Regularities). Paraded Phillip Island Circuit 50th Anniversary, 2003, Feature exhibit CAMS 50th Anniversary Dinner & Presentation 2003. Paraded Sandown Historic Cooper Factory Anniversary, 2006. Participant Albert Park F1 Historic Demonstrations 2009 and 2013.
Full record of competition in Australia.
Bob Newby clutch/belt drive, Amal Concentric MkII carburettor (spare Gardner slide carburettor), Norton 4-speed gear-box fitted w/reinforced pattern RGM case & “Daytona” 1st gear cluster (original ratio cluster as spare); full range split rear sprockets (42-48x tooth); spare alternative clutch pulley/engine sprockets; braided brake lines, electric fuel pump. Twin pannier tanks. Original wheels shod Michelin X (climbing); set new cast Cooper pattern wheels w/new Nankangs (circuit). Car fitted with Factory 1:1 differential (letter from John Cooper confirming this was fitted to original owner spec.) providing better handling and obviating need to elevate one wheel by ‘jockey jack’ for starting.

Spares List:

- megaphone (chamfered as for m/cycle) with engine pipe.
- full set of rear sprockets (42-48x tooth; split for ease of fitting).
- sundry spare chains (assembled for different r. sprocket sizes)
- original Norton 1st gear cluster (car fitted with "Daytona" 1st gear for quicker starts in climbs/sprints).
- spare belt drive primary pulley (17T new).
- 2x spare Bob Newby clutch belts
- half a dozen new spark plugs (2x ea. cool, normal, hot range)
- 4x new CV joints
- drive shaft spline
- set (4x) wishbones, chromed
- 2x pairs perspex air-scoops (originals plus 2x new)
- pair satin finish mirrors (from Bernie Allen, but damaged).
- spare chain guard
- quick-lift jack
- push-bar
- couple of tins of touch-up paint (Ferrari Rosso Corsa)
- original alloy oil reservoir, repaired; (new Bernie Willet replacement)
- shocks, upright, stub axles, carb. etc. (salvaged during restoration).
- set original wheels fitted with Michelin X tyres (approx. 90% tread)
The car is fitted with new cast wheels with new Nankangs.
- SO-LO twin motor, trolley mounted starting rollers.

Further details/spares list/pics.

Tel: (+61) (O)412 999 808

$AU 60,000 FOB Melbourne

£Stg 32,500 FOB Melbourne
(In addition to Australian duty and GST being paid on importation, UK VAT was paid on purchase, so eligible for re-entry to UK without further impost.)

€ 36,000 FOB Melbourne
PRG covered trailer - FOR SALE
31 December 2023
PRG Trailer with an internal bed of 5ft × 12ft, so fine for all 500s.
It is a tilting trailer and in great condition, no rust, the cover is very good, not damaged anywhere.
Tyres and wheels new, with spare.

£1700 ono

Malcolm Mayo
Norton Gearbox Spares - FOR SALE
31 December 2023
A large selection of Norton gearbox spares Please see corresponding images.

1. Girling master cylinders. £60 for the 3

2x ½” bore, 1x 9/16”. Surface rusted including bores. Bare; no seals, pushrods or springs.

2. JAP 80mm barrels + rods. £350

3x JAP iron barrels in good condition. Some use. Grease cleaned & well preserved. 80 x 157mm (face to seat)
1x JAP iron 5 stud head. Good condition.
< 3x alloy con-rods. Length to centres =186mm. Big end width = 17.5mm
Little end width = 1x 22mm, 2x28mm. £350

3. AMC gearbox complete. £400
Fully operational rebuilt AMC gearbox with 19T drive sprocket. Standard ratios. Carried as a spare to events, but never used. Dry.

4. Laydown g/box cases. £450.
Used and in various condition.
5 x main cases, 7 x centre sections, 3 x outer covers with some gaskets, bearings.
5. Gears (see table in images). £600

A selection of 122 gears. All used, some dogs worn although generally useable.

6. Built-up gears on shafts. £60
Main shaft = 1st 16T, 2nd 18T, 3rd 21T, Top 23T
Layshaft = 1st 28T, 2nd 24T, 3rd 20T, Top 19T.

7. Main & layshafts. £150
9x main shafts & 8x layshafts. (Manx & ?Commando). Variable condition but will clean up.

8. Clutches. £170
All used parts. 6x clutch baskets, 1 with an external band welded on.
1 is segmented type.
4x clutch centres, 1 with studs, 3 with internal thread tube pressure plate retainers.
3x pressure plates – 2x ally,1x metal.
3x drive ‘spiders’.
1x drum body with cover.
30 springs in 43-48mm lengths.
9 spring retainers (2x 37mm, 7x 40mm).
14x cush-drive rubbers large, 3x small.
1x complete assembly, old style without pressure plate adjuster.

8.5 Clutch plates. £160
Mix of plates, mostly used:
1x steel. 8mm internal dogs.
3x steel. 8mm external dogs.
4x steel. 13.5mm external dogs.
1x ½ plate. 10mm internal dogs.
5x solid friction.10mm internal dogs. NEW
6x segmented friction. 15mm external dogs. NEW
17x solid friction. 15mm external dogs.
20x steel. 8mm internal dogs.
7x Segmented friction.13mm external dogs.
3x Segmented friction. 10mm internal dogs.

9. Engine sprockets. £180
7x JAP: 1x 20T, 4x 19T, 2x18T
16x Norton sprockets: 1x29T, 2x28T, 1x27T, 2x26T, 1x25T, 1x 24T,
1x23T, 1x22T, 3x21T, 2x19T, 2x18T.

10. Associated gearbox parts. £120
Various gearbox parts including:
10 drive sprockets: 6mm wide = 8x 19T, 1x18T.
9mm wide = 1x 19T.
9 selector forks.

9 drive sprockets.
Quadrants, bushes, main shaft nuts, springs, pushrod mushrooms,
selector levers.

11. Drive chains. £70
New boxed Renold chain. 530 (5/8” x 3/8”) 110 pitches.
Single 18 ft length Renold chain. 520 (1/2” x 5/16”) 1.6mm wide side plates.
Other good condition chain:
- 1/2 ” x 5/16” in 1x 4’ length, 2x 3’ lengths.
- 5/8” x 3/8” in 1x 4’ length, 6x 3’ lengths. Also1x 2’ length with 2mm side plates.
- 0.380” x 0.672” in 4 x 3’lengths.

12. Chains misc’. £30
Box of approx. 100 links including split links, spare links &
half links. Also 2 lengths of magneto chain with links.

Charles Reynolds
Tel: 01280 847853
Mobile: 077 8525 8209
500 Books, engines info,newsletters and magazines for sale and free.
500 Books, engines info,newsletters and magazines for sale and free.
23 November 2023
1. 500cc motor racing yearbook 1952 soft back £25.
2. 50 years of Prescott 1938-1988 hard back as new £40.
3. 500 cc racing by Gregor Grant 1950 hard back £20.
4. Formula 3 a record of 500 racing C A N May with dust cover £25.
5. IOTA 1947-53 edited highlights of F3 dust cover as new £25.
6. Speed hillclimb 1962 C A N May dust cover as new £20.
7. Specials by John Bolster 1949-71 dust cover as new £40.
8. Cooper cars by Doug Nye 1983 dust cover as new £45.
***The lot above for £ 210 plus carriage Plus free,***
9. 50 looseleaf copies from tuning for speed for Triumph,JAP and norton engines
10. 70 looseleaf copies dealing with overhaul and tuning of Jap 500,V twins and norton OHC engines.
11. 500 newsletters and year books from 1980 and 100s of motor sport and classic cars from the 1950s.
12. Pair of JAP pistons plus 0.010" new slight staining £80.
John Tibenham, Phone 01433631970 or email -
Rare 1938 Skirrow-JAP midget - FOR SALE
14 August 2023
One of about 20 built for UK speedway racing, several of which came to Australia. Three-quarters professional chassis, body and engine restoration completed but must sell with or without 8/80 JAP engine.
Any offers considered.
See for more history and details,
or call Terry Wright +61 9418 2974 before noon UK time.
1952 Arnott F3 - For Sale
8 November 2022

Chassis number AT102, VIF (number 73 - Category B1) issued 02/07/2012

Known ownership 1954 to present. Exported to New Zealand 1962/3 and repatriated to the UK by me in 2011

New C&R Norton engine professionally fitted in 2012

Raced in 2013 5th in class overall and 2015 6th in class overall

Stored until undertaking a ground up restoration carried out by David Abbott (completed 2020)

Full engine rebuild by Andy Savage 2019, Gearbox overhaul by Jan Nycz 2019, Roll over hoop and new belts (non-Hans) fitted.

Unused since, apart from test session at Bicester March 2022.

Usual pre-race checks and new fire extinguisher required, otherwise ready to go


Opportunity to acquire a rare 500 presented in great condition 


Viewing on the Isle of Wight positively encouraged (25 min by Red Jet from Southampton)


Price - open to offers.


Please contact the car’s owner, Pat Barford for more information:


Pair of JAP Pistons +0.010
Pair of JAP Pistons +0.010" - FOR SALE
5 July 2022

Pair of JAP pistons at + .010" Hepolite, new with slight staining. One has a ring missing but otherwise perfect.

Any sensible offer.


John Tibenham,

Tel: 01433 631970


Kieft F3 GreavesOBrien LRP
Kieft - For Sale
18 December 2021

Ex Jerry Greaves & Mark Lefferts. Believed to be Don Parker's Parker-Kieft. 500cc 84s Jap, Norton amc gearbox, Dunlop magnesium wheels. New paint. Smiths chronometric Tach. Amal carb.2 additional engines for rebuild. $32,000.00 OPEN TO OFFERS

For more information, please contact the owner, Mark O'Brien by email in the first instance

For photos click here

Emeryson F3 Greaves 1962
Emeryson - For Sale
18 December 2021

Restored and raced by Jerry Greaves, when Vice President of the VSCCA.

Jerry personally restored this rare car to the specs as he had raced it, in this picture from 1962. Believed to be #004 of 7, or 8, made.

Front wheel drive, 500cc JAP 4B speedway w/ exposed hairpin valve springs. (therefore a "true car engine" according to Jerry).

Norton dolls head gearbox. Jaeger Chronometric Tach. Imron green paint, matched to original colour layer found on bodywork. Excellent condition. Performed beautifully at LRP and PVGP.

Perhaps the only Emeryson F3 in the USA. Recently appraised at $40,000. Asking $35,000 OPEN TO OFFERS

For more information, please contact the owner, Mark O'Brien by email in the first instance

For photos click here

2 x JAP 84S Engines, Magneto & Cooper Mk V bodywork - For Sale
2 x JAP 84S Engines, Magneto & Cooper Mk V bodywork - For Sale
23 October 2021

JAP 84S engine complete with carb but no magneto. Last run 2021.

Note: I have tyaken this engine out of my Cooper Mk5 but have not had it running.

Price £1500.00 ONO

JAP 84S engine with no carb or magneto. This engine is partly assembled with new rod and piston. I am told that the crank is as good as new.

Price: £900.00 ONO

Wipac Magneto - Condition unknown but looks to be good

Price: £75.00 ONO

Cooper MkV Bodywork in Fibreglass - Full set and unused in very good condition

Make me an offer!

Telephone: Roger

01533 422928


07792 765971

Dunlop 15" Wheel - For Sale
8 March 2021

One only Dunlop cast alloy 15" wheel, 6 stud 

To suit Staride, kieft etc



Ewan Cameron

Tel: 07815 119447


JAP Spanners
JAP Crankcase 3
JAP crankcase 2
JAP Crankcase 1
Cooper uprights 3
Cooper uprights 2
Cooper uprights 1
Cooper mirror fairing 2
Cooper mirror fairing 1
Cooper Driveshafts 2
Cooper Driveshafts 1
Cooper & Jap spares
8 November 2020

1.Cooper mirror fairings, handed. £150 for the pair.

2. JAP Spanner set; One big mama for exhaust nut and disciplinary purposes.  One square crankshaft and one splined crankshaft. One timing wheel mount, locks onto the end of the crank for the timing wheel to attached to, for controlled setup. £150 for the set.

3. Cooper Driveshafts. A pair of drive shafts with excellent splines and good Hardy Spicer joints plus three flanges. £300

4. Cooper rear uprights. A matched pair of Cooper uprights, both have been re-bushed where required. one is ready to bolt on but one will need welding after a brush with the tarmac. £300

5. JAP Crankcase. Cast in Sweden in 1999. Timing side is good but the other side is cracked in two after a piston seized. It will have to be welded or another side sourced and matched to the good half. £100



07872 144450

For Sale - Triumph T100 engine & spares
For Sale - Triumph T100 engine & spares
27 February 2020

-Triumph T100 engine complete, splayed head, carbs, twin coil ignition, big bearing crank and exhaust. This engine achieved 19 consecutive circuit wins in the 80s in a Kieft and has not been used since as the chassis was sold.

-Period Norton/AMC gear box and clutch.

-Spares - Triumph pre-unit big bearing crankcases, barrels and splayed heads, 3134 cams, gears, rods, pistons, concentric carbs etc. early single and twin magnetos.

-Helmet ACU approved "pudding basin" silver perfect 1950s.

-Bugantics from 1980,Motor Sport and Classic Car mags from 1950s,Ferrari owners mags from 1998.


John Tibenham - Phone 01433 631970

Re - Listed: For Sale 1966 Johnny Walker JW4 single seater racing car
16 February 2020

Johnny Walker JW4

For Sale 1966 Johnny Walker JW4 single seater racing car.
Johnny Walker first began producing racing cars in 1965 with his prototype Walker Type 65, the following year the JW4 Mk2 his first production racing car was released to the market at the 1966 Olympia Racing Car Show.

This particular 1966 red Johnny Walker JW4 has quite a comprehensive history of past owners and competition over the last 50 years and has probably one of the most complete histories of all the surviving JW4's of which more detail can be provided on request.

Having been recently restored it would originally have been fitted with a 250cc Villiers engine but is currently fitted with a 500cc single cylinder GM speedway engine and a Norton gearbox.
It is potentially eligible for historic sprint, hillclimb up to 600cc classes, HSCC Formula Junior (Class G7) and 500 Formula 3 circuit racing offering potential buyers a very affordable entry into historic Motorsport or to enjoy in a private collection.

This is a unique opportunity to own one of the last few remaining Johnny Walker JW4's and with a full history. With a guide price of £17,500, serious sensible offers are invited and prospective buyers are encouraged to contact me to discuss the car and for further details.

There are a number of spare parts available with the car.

The car is located in Bristol and is available for any inspection or provision of further photographic detail and shipping to any UK or overseas buyer.

For more information about the Johnny Walker JW4 and Formula IV please see

Contact : 07814203364

Cooper Rear Upright
17 September 2019

Magnesium rear upright believed to fit Mk 4/5 Cooper

Price: £150

Please contact 

Bill Tull 01469 530258

Norton "Lay Down" Gearbox and JAP spares
5 August 2019

Rodney Cummings has a selection of Norton "Lay Down" Gearbox and JAP spares for sale.

Please see here

For sale - Kondor 500 Racer
For sale - Kondor 500 Racer
2 July 2019

This very rare Kondor 500 racer BJ 1949, driven by Huschke von Hahnstein in Aachen, comes with FIA papers

Only 4 were built and this is the only one that still exist; located in Hilden Germany

€ 29750 If you need more details please email Christian Alexander:

Photos attached here


Early Cooper wishbone mounts
15 May 2019

Earlier Cooper wishbone mounting castings in aluminium - unmachined

£35.00 each


Tel 07720 855092

thumbnail copy 2
thumbnail copy 3
thumbnail copy
7 January 2019

Unidentified 500cc racing car, restoration project, missing engine and transmission. May have been modified during its working life. Bears the name " Vomper " on the side and this has been over painted at some point. Dimensions and more photos available if required. Asking £1200 although reasonable offers may be considered. Location of car for viewing is near Carlisle, about 1 mile from J44 on the M6. Please contact Robin Storey or phone 01387 810953 . Click for photo1 Click for photo2 Click for photo3 Click for photo4

1952 EGS (Eric Guest Special)
28 October 2018

JAP engine with Royal Enfield gearbox. A complete car but will need a little recommissioning. Car has been stored dry. Being sold due to new project. Some history. Located in the Midlands. £16000 ovn. For further details please contact . Click for photo1 Click for photo2 Click for photo3 Click for photo4

1950 JP Prototype
9 March 2016

This is the JP prototype car which was first raced in May 1950 and passed to Mirrilees Chassels who allowed Ron Flockhart to use it at Dunrod that year. The car was been fully restored in 2010 with a 500cc Vincent engine, which has just been rebuilt. The car has extensive history and a 500OA VIF. Email Vernon Williamson at Click for photo

6 March 2016

Silverfågeln” Swedish 500 with documented history. A rebuilt JAP 5 bolt engine with a “Carlsson Special ignition” (it’s a contact breaker system powered by a small 12 V battery built by “Carlsson”, a Swedish engineer). Chassis is restored and suspension is from a Fiat Topolino and in good condition. Now has HTP, period pictures and raced in period in Sweden and internationally. Gearbox is from a BSA-military MC. Hidden extra tank added, alloy UK made to make certain it would not suffer from fuel shortage during race. Lots of spares included, extra gearbox and the original front panel (in bad condition) Two sets of wheels, one set for gravel and one for tarmac Roll-over bar made to FIA spec. Click here for photos. Open for serious offers Contact seller e-mail Skype christer.larsson0705597671 or phone +46 705597671