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Pembrey 14/15th July 2012

Nine members made their way to the far reaches of South West Wales for a race with the VSCC. The entry was depleted because of the meeting in Sweden the previous weekend although stalwarts Nigel Challis, John Jones and Richard Bishop-Miller made it, seemingly on the way home, as it were. On the Saturday, as a bonus, there was a sprint at the same circuit with three cars participating. Andy Turner duly put one over the old man to take the win.

Pembrey is a fine circuit admirably suited to our cars with lovely sweeping fast bends. Although being in the corner of a vast airfield it is somewhat devoid of land marks and made worse by the lack of corner marking boards, see later. The weather gods did us proud with dry warm sunshine all Sunday.

Glory on Saturday but back to fettling by Sunday, Andy assists John Turner.

Classified Finishers Sprint

Pos Name Car Best Handicap winner: Alistair Dent
1 Andrew Turner Cooper Mk IX-JAP 64.71
2 John Turner Cooper Mk IX-JAP 67.31
3 Alistair Dent Hornet-JAP 71.38

A cup of tea does help.

Practice was fairly uneventful with only Darrell Woods in his Cooper Norton in trouble being towed in after only 2 laps. After qualifying, Roy Hunt was leader of the pack, followed by Richard Bishop Miller in the Revis and good old John Turner to be third on the grid. John said the car was not running at best and Andrew worked in the paddock throughout late morning, lunch and early afternoon on fuel supply, valve clearances and carburetion adjustments. There was the usual fettling scene after practice and Darrell found a hole in the piston which finished his afternoon. He carried on removing the engine which was deposited at Andy Savage’s workshop on the way home Nigel changed a clutch and John Turner spent some time trying to cure a cylinder head blow.

So eight cars made the start. The pole man was caught napping, expecting a 5 second board which didn’t happen with the starter dropping the flag to a semi rolling start. Richard made the hairpin first with John close behind but Roy was well down the field. John was trying hard but failed to find any suitable gaps to overtake. Roy quickly caught the two leaders couldn’t find a way through either, until he and John misjudged the braking point at the hairpin and both needed some grass to get round. This let Roy through but Richard was well away and with only one lap left he ran out a worthy winner.

Joy Rainey hill climb star of yesteryear presented Richard with the laurels, his first win in 500cc racing and the first for the Revis since 1954. All eight starters made the finish which must be a record and it was altogether a good weekend.

Finally it was noticed that the VSCC were welcoming and pleased to accommodate us.

 Classified Finishers Race

Pos Name Car Class Time Laps Best

Fastest Lap

Class B: Roy Hunt - Martin Norton

Class C: John Turner - Cooper Mk IX-JAP

JAP: John Turner - Cooper Mk IX-JAP


DNS: Darrell Woods - Cooper Mk VIII-Norton,


Photos: James Gray, Words: Roy Hunt

Out thanks to the VSCC




1 Richard Bishop-Miller Revis-JAP C 7:52 6 1:17.35
2 Roy Hunt Martin-Norton B 7:54 6 1:16.99
3 John Turner Cooper Mk IX-JAP C 7:55 6 1:17.16
4 JB Jones Cousy-Triumph C 8:01 6 1:18.57
5 Nigel Challis Cooper Mk VIII-Norton C 8:04 6 1:18.87
6 Mark Riley Cooper Mk IX-JAP D 8:04 6 1:18.83
7 Stuart Wright Dastle-JAP C 8:13 6 1:21.14
8 Roy Wright Flash Special-Norton C 8:24 6 1:25.78

Revis wins for the first time in how many years?