Åke Jönsson

Åke Jönsson

Åke Jönsson became the works driver for the Håkansson bothers and their Effyh. he drove for three seasons from 1948 though to the end of 1950 taking many wins and podiums along the way. His carreer ended after and accident in 1951.

Nils Gagner and Åke Jönsson receive a tow

Some results for Åke:

Solvalla 12th May 1948, 3rd

Gislaved 13th June 1948, 2nd

Kumla 1st August.1948, 3rd

Malmö 5th September 1948, 1st in race 1

Östermalm 10th October 1948, 1st

Solvalla 24th October 1948, 1st


Klevaliden Norra 6th June 1949, 1st

Rökullabacken 19th July 1949, 1st

Karlforsbacken 21st August 1949, 1st

Amager 11th September 1949, 1st


Helsinki 7th May 1950, 1st

Tampere 9th May 1950, 2nd

Lappeenranta 14th May 1950, 1st

Eslov 21st May 1950, 1st

Goodwood 27th May 1950, DNF

Klevaliden 29th May 1950, 2nd

Karlskoga 4th June 1950, 1st

Rheims 2nd July 1950, 2nd

Hedemora 16th July 1950, 1st

Skanes 23rd July 1950, 1st

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