Alex McGlashan

Alex McGlashan

Alexander McGlashan was born in Glasgow in August 1911. Like most of the Scottish divers, he largely confined himself to hills and races north of the border or in the north of England.

He began competing in Jaguar SS then acquired a Triumph engined Marwyn during 1948, finishing third at Bo'ness in June but having an "off" at Brough in July apparently due to the sole of his shoe coming loose and jamming the throttle open!  In the handicap race, he finished fifth equal with Ron "Curly" Dryden. He seems to have rightly concluded at this point that the Marwyn would never be competitive with the new production Cooper and does not appear in the car again, which is duly for sale at the end of the year for £200, with a trailer but no body.



Alex at Bo'ness in September 1948, his Marwyn sans body. Photo courtesy McGlashan family.

Alex' seems to have purchased a Cooper, probably a long chassis Mk II, in the second half of 1950 but fails to finish at Winfield in October. 1951 started rather better with a win at Crimond, beating Ninian Sanderson but in June he could only mange third, to Ian Sutherland in his JP and Jock McBain. He was fifth at Bo'ness at the end of the month, the great Ken Wharton setting fastest time, fourth at Rest and be Thankful in July and third at Winfield with the young Peter Collins taking the win in his production JBS. September's Bo'ness brought a sixth to close the year.

Alex at Crimond in July 1951, he would finish third to Ian Sutherland and Jock McBain Photo courtesy McGlashan family

Alex at Bo'ness with the tail "docked"

Recognising that the early Cooper was now outclassed, for 1952 and '53 he switched to a new Cooper Mk VI, winning at Charterhall and finishing second in both races at Beveridge Park in April '52 to Jock McBain and Ninian Sanderson. Bo'ness in June brought a second to Sanderson followed by a third at Rest and be Thankful in July. Alex won at Charterhall on the 26th then managed a respectable third at Turnberry behind Moss and Loens

The car was updated to a Mk VII specification in early '53 and he ventured south to Brough on 3rd April 1953 to take a fourth place in the scratch race final  then won at Charterhall in April '53 and a podium at Beveridge Park at the end of the month. In May, Alex ventured to Silverstone for the International Trophy but a broken fuel pipe ended his race. At this point he switches to a Staride and takes a podium at Charterhall on 20th September, behind Sanderson and Hall but disappointment followed at Oulton Park when he rolled the car after the gearbox seized while dicing for the lead of his heat with Ninian Sanderson.

Charterhall in his newly acquired Staride

Alex made the trip to Ireland to take a fourth at Kirkistown on 20th March 1954 but does not appear again in our results.

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