Bill Jones

Bill Jones

Bill "Gingerly" Jones started racing in 1954 in the CRM fitted with a JAP engine before switching to a Cooper Mk V

11th April Bands Hatch CRM JAP, 4th Consolation Final
2nd October Cadwell Park CRM JAP, 3rd or 5th in JAP race, 4th Heat of Handicap race
9th October Brands Hatch Cooper JAP, 4th in Second Final
26th December Brands Hatch Cooper JAP, Unplaced in Second Final

21st April Aintree 200 Cooper JAP, 18th
23rd June Aintree 100 Cooper JAP, 23rd
7th July Mallory Park Cooper JAP, unplaced in Second Final

22nd April Mallory Cooper Norton, Qualified for final-unplaced
14th September Silverstone International Trophy Cooper Norton, 20th
5th October Silverstone Cooper Norton, 2nd
26th December Mallory Park Cooper Norton, 10th

7th April Goodwood Earl of March Trophy Cooper Norton, 8th
3rd May Silverstone International Trophy Cooper Norton, 12th
26th May Cadwell Park Cooper Norton, 5th Heat 1; 6th Final
19th July Silverstone GP Cooper Norton, 17th
9th August Silverstone Commander Yorke Trophy Cooper Norton 17
30th August Brands Hatch Cooper Norton, 8th Heat; DNQ final
20th September Silverstone, Cooper Norton, 5th
27th September Silverstone Cooper Norton, 2nd to George Symonds

Bill Jones has passed away in 2009.

Please get in touch if you can tell us more of his life.