Børge Nielsen

Børge Nielsen

Børge won the JAP race at Roskildering in June 1956, then fourteenth on 22nd June, third on 17th August in his Effyh

In 1957, Nielsen appears once only at La Châtre in France to take second, in a Cooper, to André Loens.

In 1958, Børge does rather more of  season in the Alfa Dana of Uno Jensen, taking several wins in the JAP class at Roskildering and he takes a final overall win in June '59 at the same venue.

Not bad for a gentleman of ample proportions.


Børge Nielsen, with his Alfa Dana,  receives the winners laurels, probably at the Roskildering in June 1958

Børge Nielsen, Viggo Petersen and Uno Jensen, builder of Alfa Dana, Roskildering 1957.

Børge finds and interesting way to transport the race car!

Photos courtesy of Vagn Nielsen.

Some known results for Børge


Roskildering 3rd June 1956, 1st in JAP race

Roskildering 29th July 1956, 4th in heat 1, 5th in heat 2, 1st in JAP race


Circuit de La Châtre 30th July1957, 2nd

Alfa Dana

Roskildering 15th May 1958, 1st in JAP race

Roskildering 1st June 1958, 1st in JAP race

Fargelbarn 8th June 1958, 2nd in JAP race

Roskildering 22nd June 1958, 14th

Roskildering 19th October 1958, 4th


Roskildering 7th June 1959, 1st, 2nd in Copenhagen Cup

Falkenberg 5th July 1959, 5th

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