Claude Tipper

Claude Tipper

Claude came from Bournemouth and purchased the Monaco of George Hartwell in the early part of 1949 and continued to campaign the car, almost exclusively on the hills and in sprints, which suited the car, until late 1951 when the Monaco's single can Norton was outclassed by the Double Knockers.

Prescott Hill 12th June 1949, 10th

Prescott Hill 17th July 1949, 12th

Brighton 3rd September 1949 Speed Trials, 8th

Prescott Hill 11th September 1949, 6th

Weston-super-Mare 8th October 1949, 1st

Gosport 16th October 1949, 2nd


Gosport 30th April 1950, 1st

Beechwood Park, Markyate 14th May 1950, 1st

Tewin Water 18th June 1950, 1st

Queensferry 24th June 1950, 1st

Blandford Hill 29th July 1950, 3rd

Tewin Water 7th August 1950 (up to 750cc class), 1st

Brighton Speed Trials 2nd September 1950, 3rd equal with Peter Collins

Altcar October 1950 (up to 750cc Class), 1st


Gosport 29th April 1951, 1st

Cheltenham 12th May 1951, 1st

Tewin Water 14th May 1951, 1st

Gosport 17th June 1951, 2nd

Ramsgate Speed Trial 15th July 1951, 1st

Tewin Water 6th August 1951, 3rd

Gosport 16th September 1951, 3rd

Claude seems to have retired from competition at this point to take a grand tour of Europe in, of all things, a Bond Minicar! Clearly he wasn't put off by the experience because he undertook a second tour of Greece and Yugoslavia in '53, this time on a scooter. And to cap it all, he then took his newly wedded wife on honeymoon scooter trip through France, Spain and across to North Africa on a Piatti scooter. Perhaps his secretary "Alice" referred to below was the lucky lady!

Thereafter he seems to have settled down a little to concentrate on his art and painted many of the club and professional racers of the 50s and 60s.

Mr and Mrs Tipper disembark from the Silver City aircraft on their "Grand Tour"


One of Claude's paintings showing the late Pete Arundell in his first club race.

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