David Swan

David Swan

David Swan of Harelaw, Chirnside, was a successful Berwickshire farmer who raced 500s in period and a long time member of the 500 OA.  His first Cooper, a Mk III, was bought during 1949 from the factory and had a JAP engine. He used this at at Winfield, Goodwood, Silverstone, Blandford, Bo’ness in June 1950 where he finished third, Gamston where he took second, a win at Bo'ness in September and Rest and be Thankful. He then bought a JP from Joe Potts which also had a JAP 500cc engine and used it at Bo’ness, Turnberry and Charterhall though with little success.

At the start, Bo'ness June 1951. Photo courtesy Colin Hunter

David finds himself facing the spinning Vic Labrum at Gamston in August ‘51

For 1952, he bought a second hand Cooper-Norton (presumably a year-old Mk V) from Bob Gerard and used it at Silverstone, Charterhall, Gamston,  Rest and be Thankful, Beveridge Park, where he took third in the Kirkcaldy Trophy, and Turnberry in '53 after which he retired due to the time and cost constraints.

David at Kirkcaldy, April 1952 where he scored a third in the Kirkcaldy Trophy final

David leads FV Lambert at Turnberry in May 1952



Much later, David bought a Cooper in the hope of rejoining the fray, but in the event, never did. David Swan passed away on 5th June 2009.