Dick Richards

AW "Dick" Richards

Alan W "Dick" Richards started in a Cooper-JAP before switching to a JBS for 1951 and '52. At some point, he moved from JAP to Norton power, but only single cam as opposed to the favoured double knocker. Often in the results, but rarely taking podiums, his day of days came in July 1952 when he won four races in a day at Brands Hatch. Sadly, he was injured in a collision with Charlie Headland at Castle Combe in October and returned only briefly in 1953.

In his Cooper at Brands in late 1950

Dick at Brands in July 1952, with Stuart Lewis-Evans, after winning four races in a day.

Some of Dick's results:

Silverstone 10th June 1950, 2nd

Brands Hatch 23rd July 1950 4th in junior heat

Silverstone 2nd September 1950 SUNBAC Meeting, 4th in heat

Brands Hatch 17th September 1950, 2nd in junior heat, 4th in final

Brands Hatch 14th October 1950, 4th in junior final


Brough 25th March 1951, 1st in heat, DNF in final

Castle Combe 31st March 1951, 7th in heat

Brands Hatch 8th April 1951, 4th in open heat, 2nd in junior heat

Brands Hatch 21st April 1951, 4th in handicap, DNF in championship of the meeting

Gosport 29th April 1951, 2nd

Silverstone 5th May 1951 Daily Express International Trophy, DNF

Bo'ness 30th June 1951, 3rd

Rest and be Thankful 7th July 1951, 7th

Brands Hatch 9th September 1951, 6th in Brands Hatch championship

Brands Hatch 23rd September 1951, 3rd in Brands Hatch championship heat, 4th in final

Ramsgate 30th September 1951, 1st

Brands Hatch 21st October 1951, 5th in open heat, 2nd in Brands Hatch championship heat, 4th in final

Snetterton 27th October 1951, 2nd


Boreham 6th April, 1952, 1st

Castle Combe 12th April 1952, DNF in heat

Gosport 27th April 1952, =2nd

Brands Hatch 18th May 1952, 4th in senior heat

Snetterton 31st May 1952, 3rd in heat

Brands Hatch 22nd June 1952, 6th in senior final

Ramsgate Speed Trial 13th July 1952, 3rd

Brands Hatch 20th July 1952, 1st in junior heat, 1st in final, 1st in junior v seniors heat, 1st in final

Thruxton 4th August 1952, 4th in heat, 5th in final

Silverstone 23rd August 1952 Commander Yorke Trophy, 3rd in heat, DNF in 100 mile final

Brighton Speed Trials 6th September 1952, 1st

Brands Hatch 21st September 1952, 2nd in senior heat

Goodwood 27th September 1952, DNS

Castle Combe 4th October 1952, DNF in final


Snetterton 12th April 1953, 1st

Hunsdon 25th May 1953, 1st

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