Don Gray

Don Gray

Don Gray was born in April 1913 and ran a motorcycle shop in Chatham with his brother Norman. Don's first recorded 500 appearance was at Brands Hatch in April 1951 where he took a respectable third place in his heat of the Junior Championship. For the next three years he became a prolific competitor, rarely winning outright but usually in the points. For '51, he used a Cooper Mk V to record a second in the Open Challenge race and a win in the International Trophy Race at Brands in May, third in the Open Challenge and another win in the International Trophy in June, followed by a fourth at Boreham. Third in the Open Challenge and second in the Brands Hatch Championship in September.

Don receives the International Trophy for his win at Brands Hatch in May 1951

1952 continued in a similar vein, fourth at Castle Combe in April, second in the Senior Race at Brands in May. For 1953 he finished fifth at Castle Combe in April then switched to a Kieft, which he acquired from Bernie Ecclestone, to record third in the Senior race at Brands in June, second in the Half-Litre Club Invitation at Crystal Palace in July, second in the Production Car race at Silverstone in August. A member of the BRDC for more than 50 years, Don passed away on 28th July 2009.

At Brands Hatch in June 1953


Castrol celebrated Don's big win at Brands Hatch