Edward Greenall

Hon. Edward Greenall

Edward Greenall in November 1928 to the Greenall Whitley Brewing family. He started competing in 1951 in Bugatti T35.

In 1953 he acquired a Cooper Mk VI JAP from Mervyn Kearon and achieved some respectable results:

Snetterton 18th April 1953, 7th

Silverstone 9th May 1953 International Trophy Meeting, 14th

Silverstone 18th July 1953 British Grand Prix, DNF

Oulton Park 8th August 1953 Inaugural Meeting, 3rd in heat, 6th in final

Snetterton 12th September 1953 AMOC, DNF

Oulton Park 3rd October 1953, 4th in heat

He continued in 1954, we believe in a new Cooper Mk VIII

Goodwood 19th April 1954 Earl of March Trophy, 8th

Beveridge Park, Kirkcaldy 24th April 1954, 2nd in heat, 5th in final

Silverstone 15th May 1954 Daily Express Meeting, 15th

Aintree 29th May 1954 Opening Meeting, 7th

Goodwood 25th September 1954, 5th in race 2

and made a few appearances in 1955

Silverstone 7th May 1955 Daily Express International 50 Mile Race, 16th

Oulton Park 24th September 1955 Gold Cup, DNF

From 1954, he also began racing in the sports car classes with a Cooper Bristol, Cooper Alta, Lotus XI, Lotus XV, Lola Mk I and finally a Lotus Elite retiring at the end of 1961

In 1990 he inherited the title of 3rd Baron Daresbury.

Edward Greenall died in September 1996.

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