Fred Geitel

Fred Geitel
Fred Geitel and his co-builder Kronqvist were the first in Finland to complete a car, the KG Special, based on the Swedish Effyh design. Two cars appeared in 1948 for Fred himself and Lars Finnilä. Fred co-founded the Finnish 500 Club with Curt Lincoln. Fred switched to a Cooper for 1950.

Some results for Fred:

Helsinki 8th May 1948, 1st


Helsinki 8th May 1949, DNF

Kolding 4th September 1949, 1st


Helsinki 7th May 1950, 4th

Tampere 9th May 1950, 3rd

Oslo, Norway 11th June 1950, DNF

Hedemora 16th July 1950, 2nd


Helsinki 6th May 1951, DNF


Helsinki 11th May 1952, 3rd


Helsinki 10th May 1953, 4th


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