Jack Newton

Jack Newton

Jack started in 1954 using an Austin seven based car, the LT Special which would have been quite uncompetitive so he soon switched to a Cooper- JAP. At some point he moved to Norton and '58 was in a Mk X Cooper. When the 500's started to wane, Jack acquired a 1.5 litre Emeryson, that had been used as an F1 car, but didn't race that for long.

Jack in the paddock at Brands Hatch in 1959, photo courtesy of Robin Fairservice

Some Results for Jack:

Brands Hatch 7th June 1954 Whit-Monday Meeting, 6th in JAP race LT Special

Brands Hatch 3rd October 1954, 10th in heat of Junior race LT Special


Brands Hatch 10th July 1955 Sporting Record Trophy, 6th in heat for Open Challenge

Brands Hatch 4th September 1955 Francis Beart Trophy, 3rd in heat


Brands Hatch 29th April 1956, 4th in heat


Brands Hatch 31st March 1957 5th in heat, 6th in final

Brands Hatch 22nd April 1957 Sporting Record Trophy 1st in heat, 2nd in Final of Francis Beart Trophy, DNF in JAP race

Crystal Palace 10th June 1957 Redex Trophy, 5th in heat


Brands Hatch 7th April 1958, 2nd in Junior race

Crystal Palace 25th May 1958, 4th

Brands Hatch 8th June 1958, 2nd in Junior race

Crystal Palace 5th July 1958 Redex Trophy, 5th

Brands Hatch 4th August 1958 World Sports Trophy, 9th in heat

Brands Hatch 30th August 1958 Lewis Evans Trophy, 9th in heat
Goodwood 27th September 1958, 5th

Brands Hatch 26th December 1958 Francis Beart Trophy, 2nd


Oulton Park 11th April 1959 Empire Trophy, 6th

Snetterton 19th April 1959, 4th

Crystal Palace 18th May 1959 Redex Trophy, 4th

Aintree 20th June 1959, 2nd

Brands Hatch 12th July 1959, 2nd in heat, 2nd in final

Brands Hatch 3rd August 1959 Lewis-Evans Trophy, 2nd in race 1, 3rd in race 2

Silverstone 8th August 1959 Commander Yorke Trophy, 4th

Mallory Park 19th September 1959, 2nd

Brands Hatch 4th October 1959, 4th in World Sports Trophy, 3rd in combined FJ race

Brands Hatch 26th December 1959 Francis Beart Trophy, 4th


Brands Hatch 18th April 1960, DNF

Brands Hatch 16th October 1960 Lewis-Evans Trophy, 3rd


Rufforth 1st April 1961, 2nd

Mallory Park 23rd July 1961, 5th

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